back to my roots..

Well… a delhite…as am born and brought up here….and i also think my character is most suited to this city…..i consider myself a part of delhi…..

but my parents are from west bengal…and…..there’s some part of that too in me…so whenever i go back to west bengal..and dad’s village…it’s nice to be’s a welcome break..and it brings a lot of things into perspective for me…the kind of life im leading back in the city…my ancestoral long a way my dad has travelled to reach where he is now…and most importantly makes me realise the importance of being grounded in life..!!

i went off to my dad’s village for a week last week of september along with family……it’s somewhere in the east side of bengal…


the first thing i did every morning of the holiday was to just feel the openess..i mean we live in these houses…which are so restricted…the village houses….they are so open with breeze coming in….and every morning..i would go out and sit near the pond……..and let the cool breeze tingle me all over..

i would watch ..rather gaze at the green fields…for prolonged periods..which was rather funny for the villagers……

every thing has a different feel to it….food tastes’s more earthy…as its cooked in clay ovens…..landscape looks clearer..and water tastes sweeter!!!………

i came back rejuvinated!!!…think i should take such breaks more often!!

My Really Real Mr.Right

I wrote this post on my group blog (which i was member of till recently)…. actually we all were given a topic to write on and this was named”10 things about Mr./Ms. Right”….and it was one of those hilarious crazy posts of mine..i literally let my imgination run free when i sat down to write..and laughed my guts out when i read it am including it in my personal blog!!!

Hmm…..10 things about Mr./Ms. Right…. I have long ago chucked such a list.. but during my teenage years I did have a list and was hell bent on sticking to it……and this is how it went….

1. My man should be tall …(atleast 6 ft.)

2. He should have a GOOD Physique…(and I mean GOOD physique)

3. He should be extremely intelligent (at least an IQ of 150)

4. He should have greek god looks..!!!!!

5. He should have blond hair

6. He should have a attitude such that people around him get nervous and shaky!!!

7. He should have an awesome jawline!!!

8. He should be extremely well qualified..should be an engineer or neurosurgeon.

9. He should be be famous

10. He should be an expert in martial arts and boxing

I used to have such fantasies about my dream man..where will I meet him…and used to talk to my friends about him…he was so real for me… day…. I was sitting in front of TV and watching this movie(actually I had started watching the movie after some time it had begun)….a song comes on…and through the haze in the boxing ring ..rises my dream man!!!!!!! Like a lone star he stands head and shoulders above others……………oh my gosh!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes……………

he was DRAGO!!!!…the Russian boxer (for benefit of all people..i was watching Rocky 4)

The incredible drago..the handsome Ivan drago…the tall drago….ohh…!!!! no one can imagine my ecstacy!!! I dug up everything on Drago…and found out he is indeed my Mr. Right….

Actually his name is dolph lundgren, he is 6 feet 4′ tall and he is a incredible actor besides being a graduate of the Royal Institute of Technology. He has a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney , and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , but quit after to pursue acting. He speaks five languages: Swedish, English, some German, some Japanese and some French. Lundgren holds a 3rd Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt) in Kyokushin Karate and won the European championships in 1980 and 1981 as well as a heavyweight tournament in Australia in 1982 . He was also captain of the Swedish Kyokushin Karate team, and was a formidable challenger at the 1979 World Open Tournament (arranged by the Kyokushin Karate Organization) when he was only a green belt.

So u see dream is too high..only thing is..u gotta believe in the power of your dreams!!!!

i wanted to write some more but…it being a group blog..i really had to rein in my horses…!!! so wat say u all????
the most funniest thing about it is…most people took me and my list AND my Mr.Right Seriously.!!!!

My Great Himalayan National experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiking in Great Himalayan National Park
The best and most beautiful things in life are for free…..if we could just open our eyes and reach out to them..and the things that we run after…the petty human emotions of jealousy, anger, prejudice and most of all ego are so small and insignificant that its never worth our time ………….the Great Himalayan National Park experience made me comprehend this basic truth of life … it was one of my life defining journeys…I saw a most amazing place of nature…met people who are so happy without having half of the things that I have…and most of all gained a new perspective on life.


Great Himalayan National Park is located in Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. It is India’s newest national park, covering 750 km2; it protects the unique biodiversity of the North West Himalayan Region. Bounded to the East by the Himalayan Mountains, the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) forms part of the boundary between four ecological zones .Because of its complex geography and its great variations in altitude, the limited area of the Park encompasses an enormous range of species. Few ecological sanctuaries present such a variety of wildlife habitat and biological diversity in such a small area. From its inception, eco-tourism has been one of the major features of this Park. The Park is not accessible for commercial tourists as permits are required to enter the park; also there are no hotels or lodges available. There is a single Base Camp at Sai Ropa run by the Forest Department and managed by Sahara, an NGO working for biodiversity conservation and economic protection of hill people. Visitors coming to GHNP have the rare opportunity to experience the Park’s pristine beauty and at the same time help villagers to improve their livelihood options.
I visited this park as part of a field trip organized by WWF-India in April. I stayed in GHNP for 6 beautiful amazing days….interacted with the hill people, went on treks. We were 10 people in all and we had the most awesome time!!!! We put up in Sai Ropa, a government tourist lodge run by Sahara. Sai Ropa is located in the buffer zone of GHNP, in the Tirthan Valley and is the entry point into the Park. Tirthan river flows by the Base Camp and snow capped mountains can be seen at a distance. The constant gushing sound of the river is one of the lasting memories of the trip….cuddled up inside your bed in the dormitory of the Lodge, one can hear the sound and feel silent and noisy at the same time, it’s a feeling very different and takes time to get accustomed to, the first night I just couldn’t sleep, sat up most of the night listening to the sound of the river flowing…..and in the evenings all of us used to sit by the riverside and do our own thing, some used to collect pebbles, some throw pebbles, some take a dip …the water used to be ice cold, the chill of the water bored in to the bones till u feel numb after some time!!!!! One of my most defining moments has been sitting by the river in the night, looking at the starlight sky above, a bonfire burning by my side and smoking pot!!!! At that moment all my troubles, all my thoughts went numb…and I only felt one thing…THIS IS LIFE!!!!!
Each day of the trip we visited a different place and trekked almost 10 to 20 kilometers..the first day of trekking I thought my heart is gonna come out of my mouth!!!! Man it was something..i have never before felt my heart beating so fast and so wild……my senses went wild seeing the vast beauty around me..the blue sky above….so blue that my eyes hurt and the lush green forest all around me and the sweet fragrance of wild cannabis growing all around…i felt as I am in heaven!!!!! During one of our treks, we trekked up to a village situated at 2500 mts, it was so remarkable to see the people living in such a remote corner..surounded by hills all around they were one of the happiest people I have come across, even when they told us that life in the hills is hard, they say it with contentment, as a matter of fact and not as a complaint. To see them work so hard and have so little materialistic possessions but still so giving in every other way, I felt that we city people for all our wealth are quite a poor lot… I did not see a surly face in all the people I came across there….they have a natural smile and are always welcoming to outsiders….and very free..their society has a higher degree of openness than ours ..and hill women have more freedom than urban women. On another trek, we went inside the park, trekking until Rola, which is the base point of GHNP trek. Inside the park, it’s a beautiful profusion of colors and sounds….the sounds birds chirping wildly and streams flowing at every turn..but inspite of all the sounds, u feel a silence,…it’s a sweet dichotomy… one point I remember I had an overwhelming experience, when suddenly all your senses are hypnotized and you cannot just react ..even the feeling of excitement and happiness go numb… so happened that inside the park there are a number of wooden bridges ..there were 4 of us crossing the bridge and on the end we could see lush green vegetation… soon as we came to the end of the bridge…..our eyes went berserk with the green all was the greenest green I have ever seen….and it was all around…and the air around us was a sweet smell …the smell of wild cannais…with the first breath that we took at the end of the bridge and with each consecutive breath…pure and wild smell of cannabis flooded our senses…..and all 4 of us dint even react…..we stood there for a moment…a moment in which we all were hypnotized….by the simultaneous beauty of sight and smell..before we could react and express our delight in words!!!!! The 4 of us may never meet again..but we are bound by the thrill of that one moment when we experienced beauty together and were overwhelmed by it.
At the end of 6 days, I felt as if I hadn’t had enough, and wanted to come back and explore…there is so much of GHNP left for me to explore and experience…I shall go back again… the meanwhile I felt that I should share this experience with people around me so even they can experience this magical place…..i would recommend it to all people who are happy and who are unhappy…..go there…it may not change you as a person….but it surely would make you think deeply about the life you lead and the life you can lead if you let go of your negative self……for all those really interested …u can visit the site:

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Delhi in rains!!!!!

Rains can either bring the best or worst in you…you can either hate it or simply love it…. I LOVE RAINS !!!!! and I find Delhi most beautiful in the rains….a simple walk in Lodhi gardens becomes a discovery into the wild….birds of different kind peering through trees…listen to their chirping and see them hopping from one tree to other….lush green trees inviting you to sit under them…and the fragrance of flowers…..every corner you turn….there’s a different fragrance….inviting and fascinating… you walk see squirrels crossing your path..running for their lives..too busy even to see the beauty around them….India Gate in the rains….its amazing….you feel like to soak up the rains….and run wild …fly like a bird…….and touch the sky!!!!! the open green lawns invite you and make your heart soar ………but the best place to be in the rains in delhi is your terrace..just go up your terrace and stand on the highest point….and enjoy the rains…drops raining down on you and soaking you up…..and feel the wind…….my best memories with my brother have been us getting drenched in the rains on our terrace and dancing wildly like a pair of monkeys gone berserk!!!!! Any part of the world im in…I will always remember Delhi rains with pride and nostalgia…….i haven’t been to a lot of places..but im sure Delhi rains are the best!!!!!

Belonging to myself

Of late, lot of movies on the life of young NRIs, their confusions and desires have been made ..i have watched a couple of them, some are good, some are boring and then some are very over the top but it got me thinking about my belonging..about my sense of attachment…see im a bengali but born and brought up in delhi…all my life I have been accustomed to the sights and lifestyle of Delhi…though at times I feel angry ,outraged and disgusted by certain characteristics of this city…..As a child, my parents in their confusion about the kind of “values” they wanted to instill in me sent me to a bengali medium school which was ironic coz the kind of locality I lived in everyone used to go to public became a peculiar situation for the kind of kids I used to study with dint live in my locality and the kids who did live and I played with dint go to the same school….it brought a certain sense of duality in me…a kind of switch on switch off thing…at school I’d be a different person discussing different things and in the evening I’d have to switch on to being a different person. During summer holidays, mom took us to Kolkata..or more precisely West Bengal… our ancestral village, life would be completely different for us for 2 months….not necessarily fact it was quite nice for us to experience the other side of how people live in villages. But again it somehow made us confused about our belonging…thankfully my parents got me changed to a public school at the right cleared up a lot of things for me…I began to see my situation as it really was……and not the melodramatic one my parents made it out to be……And now that I watch these movie, I see a bit of my life in them…of trying hard to belong to a certain group, of trying to clear misconceptions about my state and culture, of trying to achieve a balance between my culture and values and the city’s and most of all trying to love the place im living my life in …knowing in my heart its not the best place in the world…but its my home and its special ..with all its ugliness and all its beauty….BEAUTY??? Lots of people might ask where’s beauty in delhi…for that one ill write in another post

all work and all play!!!!

I used to wonder sometimes if its really possible to have fun while working. Can you really combine your passions with your job. I used to read celebrities talking about how they are in the the profession where they get paid for following their passion in life….


One of my passions in life is travellling…from childhood i have this urge in me to travel to new places see the world im born in….
I finally got the chance to find out while on company trip to gujrat in January this year…. a state located in western part of india…… i was on the road for 8 days… job was basically to survey the road condition of certain roads….i travelled from Gandhinagar which is located in central gujrat to dwarka…right upto the arabian sea coastline..and then towards bhuj in the Rann of kutch…..
It was an awesome experience for me…we were three people…me and one colleague and our driver…..we were driving in a qualis……i had the most amazing time of my life…
being a city bred girl..i rarely get to see sunrises or the sunsets… for me one of the most novel things was to watch the sunrise across the horizon for those 8 days…. and sunset evry evening…..
Most of my roads were located in remote areas…i was quite skeptical about how the rural people would react but i was amazed…my opinion totally changed…i think its us city people who are narrow minded….i think when you have less you have a lot more to give and these people truly had more to give than we ever have…….or we ever will….
One of the best moments of my trip was going upto the arabian sea coastline…unlike other shores..this one normally doesnt have sandbeach..its mostly rocky outcrops…and the sea is very calm……so one of the places where we did found a beach..we completely freaked out…not only it was beautiful but it was completely deserted……and we drove up there in the evening and it was the most beutiful sunset i ever saw!!!!!! at that moment when i was watching the sunset…i felt in my heart that it is these moments which makes it worthwhile to live …….
I also got to see the wild ass in rann of kutch..a very rare and endangered species only found in this part of the world……
We used to stay in in a different hotel each night and it taught me one is relative…and humans are quite adaptive…
The trip got me thinking a lot about my life so far…i think the less possessions we have the more free we are……and poor and rich are just relative words……one is as poor as one thinks and as rich as one thinks……..

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