I am such an avid online shopper, a fact my regular readers know so well by now.  Online shopping is just not fun though, all the time. I have had unpleasant experiences once in a while and it has only increased my wisdom as a shopper.

One of the not so pleasant experiences  in my online shopping has been with Jaypore.com. It is an online shopping portal for indian/india inspired products. The story and theme of the curated products appealed to me when I chanced upon the website. I really liked the beautiful photography and well-designed products on the website.

After many months of window shopping and browsing at the lovely displayed products, I ordered a pair of earrings. The description of the product said – Hand painted Silver earrings and since I liked the image of the product, I promptly ordered them om COD.

The product arrived within a week (as per shipping time provided by the vendor) and it was packaged very nicely. However, when I examined the product closely, I found that the earrings were not hand painted but the image which I loved so much on the website was a actually a cheap print!! It was a mass produced, badly printed pair of earrings. See, my shipping order from the website below:-

And see what I got!! So, this is not a mistake by the company. It is a deliberate cheating as they are themselves writing its hand painted and selling printed product instead.

Just to compare, my actual hand painted earrings wghich I bought from Pushkar at 1/10th the price and the ‘printed’ earrings sold by jaypore.com…..difference is all too clear.

The silver earrings cost me INR 2500, which, had it been handpainted was a reasonable price. But for a cheaply printed pair of earrings, it was a grossly high value!! I felt completely cheated. I wanted to write back to the website, but since I travel so much on work and have a small baby, I neither could find the time nor could drum up the effort to pursue. But atleast, I told my office colleagues and my friends, who always ask me about new online websites, about my experience of shopping from here.

while I still like to go and see their ‘nicely’ photographed products, I amtotally not spending my one penny on getting duped again!!

P.S. This shopping was done almost a year back (or even more).

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  1. I too shipped twice from Jaypore.com and was disappointed with the quality of clothing I received each time !
    Ridiculous customer service who just sends you a canned response without even reading your comments and concerns.
    Pity ! such great designs and such poor, shoddy quality! Shipping back the goods to India from USA is exorbitant and they know it. Ultimately you are left with shoddy quality garments that you cannot wear on the street that you paid $$$ for!!


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