Neemrana is a quaint historic town in the heart of Aravali hills, in Alwar district of Rajasthan (India). Located only about 122 kms from Delhi,  it became the most preferred weekend break destination from the city when the beautiful & historical Neemrana Fort Palace was opened. We have been to Neemrana Fort Palace quite a few times, but my most favorite time of the year to visit it is the monsoons.  Rather than explaining why, here are some images which will tell you the same:-

The magical green landscape of the aravalis in the monsons , a sight to be seen only in this season.

The play of shadows & clouds which suddenly seem to cover the sky in an instant.

Most of all, I love the glorious sunset, as the sun slowly takes it’s sweet time to disappear into the clouded open sky, which is an absolute delight to watch.
So make your time to visit Neemrana Fort Palace in the monsoons if you happen to live or visit Delhi/NCR during the season. You will come away charmed – my guarantee 🙂

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