Neemrana fort palace – the destination that has been credited with starting the weekend holiday craze for delhites.
It is a fort, palace, heritage hotel and a destination – all rolled into one!!…Its delightful in the winters , but so much more delightful and romantic in the monsoons!!
Since I got married two years back, I always wanted to visit this place with the husband on special occasions, but we were never able to get a booking at this fort, though we did visit two of the other lovely heritage properties (of the total 14) run by the neemrana group of hotels – the pataudi palace on our first marriage anniversary (see here) and the kesroli fort palace for our second valentine’s day (see here).
Last week, while in the middle of some very strenuous work session at office, it hit me that I needed a break!!..i called up the husband and put forward the suggestion, since he is on a summer holiday from office, he promptly agreed and I called the neemrana people to check, and voila they had rooms available for all the date options that I had thought of, I guess when luck strikes it really strikes!!!!…
So we opted for a weekend getaway, got up early morning and started off for the destination. Neemarana fort palace is in Rajasthan , around 130 kms from Delhi on the Delhi Jaipur highway (NH 8).The NH 8 road is one of the finest highways we have got in India, so the drive is always pretty enjoyable!!..We stopped at Mcdonalds drive in at Manesar for quick brunch and break and after a sweet photo op with Ronald mcdonald (who’s an old friend now, since I take pics with him everytime time I stop at this place!!), we hit the highways again.
We reached the fort at around 12 and the first view was such a pleasant sight for our eyes, the green aravali in the monsoons, hillsthe clouds rolling up the hills and the imposing the ancient fort !!….for the first time, the husband had fallen for a destination on first look!!!
The fort dates back to the 14th century (around 1464) and is built on 11 levels. It is situated on a shoe horse shaped hil, coz of which the fort looks out to multiple directions, which means its got great views!!…it had been built and refurbished from 14th to 19th century, which means the place has incorporated many architectural styles, from the rajput to the mughal.
The best thing about this place are the views and the space, one gets lost going through the various nooks and crannies, innumerable courtyards, many watch towers and corridors; this place is a photographer’ delight and i had an absolutely lovely time discovering this place and clicking pics.

After i was finished with my photgraphy, the husband suggested we hit the pool, since it was getting bit humid in the afternoon, so we did that!!…the place has two pools built on two levels and as we were about to hit the lower one (which was a bit crowded since big group with children and all were in it), the helpful staff took us to the higher level one, it was almost empty with just another couple, we were impressed with the hospitality!!!….
we lazed around in the pool, looking at the blue sky, then watching the monsoon clouds gather, ennjoying the jacuzzi ( which, again, the helpful staff suggested to us) and i also showed off my newly developed swimming skills to the husband :))

After the swim session, we had a seista , since we were now feeling tired. In the evening, there was high tea, accompanied with some lovely views.

Late evening, as the sun set, there was folk music and drinks on the terrace (one of the terraces actually) and a lovely view of the sun was such an amazing experience, evry guest was mesmerised by the whole experience!!!…

Night, and the fort was lit up in all in finery and it looked as regal as it did in the day. We had a lovely dinner at the main hall, the food was sumptuous and the setting , very romantic!!
The morning after, we got up early and explored the fort more, and enjoyed the various views it provided. After that, we had a heavy breakfast( which was delicious, btw!!) , we took an audio tour; it was pretty informative, telling us about the history of the fort, the architecture and the restoration work it went trhough.
It was late morning when we finished audio tour, i decided to hit the pool again (since it was getting humid again) while the husband opted for a quick nap before drive back.
We had lunch before we drove back, again enjoying the lovely NH 8 road.

The drive back was the end , or so i thought, the husband had other ideas, as we came to gurgaon, he suggested we check out the malls and do some shopping…now , how rare is it that the man of the house says this???? very rare!!!!!…..( he must have been in very good mood i guess!!)
So we did just that, some good malling, window shopping, actual shopping and eating out before we came back home…
And that, was our lovely monsoon trip!!!

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  1. I think that Neemrana Fort Palace is among the best places to visit near Delhi for any weekend getaways. I have been to Neemrana Fort Palace to do zip lining. The zip tour included 5 ziplines which is 1250 m long fair enough to have a thrilling experience of flying over the fort palace and have an amazing view of the whole city. I also enjoy the lunch buffet at the fort restaurant.

  2. Hi,

    I would like to say that you have put a very nice and brief information about India's first heritage hotel i.e. Neemrana Fort Palace. I must say that there is so much to explore at the fort that the whole day would not be enough for it if you are willing to do so. I leave in Delhi, so reaching Neemrana always took me only 2 hours. I always go to Neemrana fort to do zip lining with my friends. I think you have not experienced zip lining on your visit to Neemrana Fort. You must have tried it. It is a must to do thrilling adventure you will not for ever.

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    Teddy Tschicke

  5. Thank you amazing blog, do you have twitter, facebook or something similar where i can follow your blog

    Sandro Heckler

  6. Exceptional writing. Would you mind me posting a link of this post on my website? It will help my viewers as well.And yes i have bookmarked your site .

  7. This is great…and lovely pictures too. I've been wanting to go there since long, and go zip-lining on the Flying Fox too.

    I am currently planning a short trip to Jaipur, and hope will be able to spare a day or two for Neemrana Fort and the ride.

  8. Fantastic pics of a fantastic place-surely on my list of places to visit…as such,I'm a big fan of Rajasthan…steeped in tradition as it is.:)and, honestly, I think an unplanned,sudden break like you folks took, is the best way to enjoy a holiday…when you go with planning, it's not so much fun. am i right?:)

    Ohh…and NH8-that comes right upto Gujarat,na?

  9. I hve been dying to there for year even before marriage! Oh well… shall live through your pictures! 🙂

    P.S. Will try and write recipes in future. I just do not know how to … since I dont follow them but will definitely do it on popular demand 😛

    P.P.S. Thanks for your continuos feedback on my posts!!! Appreciate it!

  10. @austere, im not an architect but an enginner and a planner.

    But i do heritage/urban restoration and rejuvination projects as part of my work profile.
    In my opinion, looking at the pre restoration works pics of the fort, the fort has been restored very meticulously and the vision that went behind it is absolutely brilliant!!

  11. Fabolous pics… just beautiful.
    The grandeur of the place!

    As an architect, what was your professional opinion of the restoration? What would you have done differently?

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeoussssss pictures!!!! A monsoon break sounds perfect!!! And this place is a dream destination. I've been dyingggggggg to go here and this year, hook or by crook I am going to make sure I go over. Your pictures and writing has made me want to go even more!!!!! Lovely!


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