Lodhi Garden in Delhi (India) is quite well known as an urban natural oasis & park in the heart of Lutyens Delhi. However, even the regulars to this park  don’t know or get to see a small section of this park which has been designated as National Bonsai Park. Though it’s said to be open  for visitors, whenever I have made it to this section, it’s always been closed (which  naturally always increased my curiosity). So, it was a lucky day in spring for me last year, when on one of my walks through the park (and i had my camera with me!!), I saw that National Bonsai Park of Lodhi Garden was not only open to public, but Indian Bonsai Association was holding an exhibition there. The visit to National Bonsai Park at Lodhi Garden turned out to be a world of miniature wonders for me!!

The National Bonsai Park is located near to the main entrance path of Lodhi Garden, though the enclosure I  always generally closed (as found by me). But on the exhibition day, it was nicely decorated. I spotted this pretty Banyan Bonsai as soon as I entered inside the park. It was a fascinating sight as barring its size, it looked like a real old Banyan tree.
There were many pretty bonsai plants and I went trigger happy with my camera. some of the most prettiest were the flowering bonsai plants.
Not only there were single bonsai plants, but thematic gardens and forests, all made out of a cluster of bonsai plants. I could only imagine the ingenuity, patience and hardwork of the bonsai masters who created and nurtured these plants for many years.
There was a live demonstration going on at the Park, by one of the members of the Indian Bonsai Association and it was quite interesting to listen and see how a Bonsai is created and nurtured over a long period of time. I did a bit google search and found that the Indian Bonsai Association holds annual exhibition at the National Bonsai Park (Lodhi Garden) and my guess is that’s the best (and only) time to see this park and the wonderful Bonsai creations.
I did a lot of google search to find out the timings and details of both the exhibition this year and the Indian Bonsai Association for my readers, but nothing much came up. so, if you do happen to know a bit more about both, do let me know 🙂

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  1. Hello. I have been trying to find a place in Delhi or Gurgaon to come and learn bonsai grafting.
    Very much appreciate if you could guide me to the experienced people who can teach.

    1. hi there…you may contact national bonsai association of India which also holds this exhibition of national bonsai garden..google it, should come up with contact numbers

  2. Is this National Bonsai Park at Lodhi Garden open on days other than exhibition? I mean if I visit any day do I get to see any Bonsai trees? Because a few days ago I visited the place n when I approached to the gate I saw it locked? It was 5 pm that time and no one was there to inquire about.

  3. It is nice to see that people still can about our nature. I personally feel that trees and important part of our ecosystem and it our duty to protect them. I really appreciate the activities that are taking place in Lodhi Garden. Thanks for this post


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