Being born and brought up in delhi…..i have seen this city change, adapt, beautify, uglify and most of all transform with the times…it is so much a part of me as i am a part of it….
there are places which only delhi can have and then there are places that i just cannot do without….so im starting a new series…about my favourite places in delhi….which is so much about me as a person as it is about delhi….


My 1st Most favourite place in Delhi is the also the most known…its India Gate


Its more than a monument..its many things to many people.. recreation place for families, coochie cooing spot for lovers, hangout place for college goers or friends, a quiet place for some me time for stressed out people, etc etc

and its just not the gate..the place constitutes huge sprawling lawns, fountains and landscaped greenery.. it provides a cool place in summers, absolutely wet n wild experince in monsoons and cosy comfort place in winters…

its safe at all times of the day and night(though after the bomb blasts im not that sure!!!), no one would disturb you except the hijras and odd vendors selling knick knacks…
i hang out there quite often…during my childhood, parents used to take us for picnics in the laws and the children’s park nearby, during school years, we used to go on picnics from school in winters…during college years we used to hang out all night after parties here…lying down in the grass all boozed out!!!…and now me and hubby go out there for some together time….

i have been here in all seasons and in all hours..morning, evening, twilight, night, dawn, the summers, winters, monsoons, spring and autumn…and each of the times the place is different…..its one place ill keep visiting over and over……




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  1. Seriously, it is one of the collest places in Delhi and perhaps one of my favorite too. Still cherish the memories of initial years of career when coming back from office and stoping there, refreshes the overall fatigue in minutes πŸ™‚

  2. This still is my fav spot … my dad used bring us here in the evening after his work would finish … buy us chinese food from those vans and then followed by ice-cream and balloons .. Chinese vans have now but the charm and spirit of the place is can never go away !!

  3. Hi Sushmita…

    mine favourate –
    1. Chankya cinema – I hate Delhi govt. for closing it. loved having booze with momos with my frens
    2.CP – loved having booze above palika bazzar – cant hv now .. that was daring during student days.
    3. India gate – loved going after 11 pm in summers , hv tea and icecream with my roommate

    so many more..list is endless..

  4. Nice post.
    I had a chance to visit Delhi in September after many many years and was expecting the place to look worse. But I came away totally impressed with India gate and Rashtrapathi Bhavan. It was clean, well maintained and beautiful.

  5. Hi Shooting Star! Sorry for the absence, but these last weeks were a nightmare. Just dropped by to wish you a great season! Hope to be back before 2009… πŸ˜‰
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter is starting its new adventure in India. Enjoy and have a great week!

  6. I like this place too and apart from this Lodhi garden and the Golf bar in ITC maurya chanakyapuri are my fav places. Rest i havent got the chance to explore coz of the unforgiving traffic there…

  7. Hi,Sush..I thought I commented on this post,but,I’m not sure..(hehe-see what happens when the mind is too stressed out?)

    I’m just longing to visit Delhi-used to come there at least twice a year on work/hols, when in my first co. But,no visits since six yrs(since I came to Dxb) favourite place?The Bahai Temple, GK-1, CP,..don’t really remember India Gate,though.*muses*..will surely visit when I’m there next.

  8. As i was going thru the post , i felt to leave my comments thru some allegory.
    If we symbolise our life as the sky and the times as the cloud then my feeling says

    “a storm leaves a massive bank of thunderclouds which crosses the horizon at a leisurely pace, letting loose a flurry of lightening bolts as if probing every nook and cranny for a long-lost morality, eventually dwindling to a faint,angry echo from the eastern sky.
    The clouds vanishes leaving the sky covered once more by a thin membrane of clouds.”

    The above mentioned comparison is a classic point in our life.

    Something somewhere on the fine sand path becomes a part of our life and it clears of all the exhaustion. In more clear words a place, an object or something in between becomes a spirit that’s sprung up from a happy chance encounter. An eternal, naive innocence, never to be marred, floats around them like spores in spring and finally we get the much craved “Happiness, Peace, Freedom” and the desire to take on life with a freshened spirit.

    I will wind up with an opposite thought that Jean Jacques Rousseau once said ” Civilisation is once when people build fences”. Well i say sometimes civilisation is NOT the product of a fenced in – lack of FREEDOM.

    FREEDOM reigns and will.

    An overall nice post that helped me to write so much :-))


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