This is my feet, as I am standing on one of my most cherished places….the lodhi gardens
I love lodhi gardens, not like love as in loving a thing ..but love it as an entity!!!
I have written on this place before also and maybe would do so in future….but this is about my favourite places in delhi…and the lodhi gardens is my most favorite place in delhi.
and though this is the third post in the series on my favourite places in delhi…make no is definitely my most favourite place!!!

It is more than simply a garden, it is also a place of archaeological importance, an urban eco-space, a jogger’s dream, a picnic spot, a photographer’s delight and lover’s getaway….to put in offers everything for everyone….
For me, it is a place to calm myself, to ponder alone, a getaway from the mad city stress and something more…

It has been a part of my life, when things were really not right for me both in professional & personal sphere..and this place I think gave me a lot of courage and peace to get me through that difficult phase…..

Every time I go to this place, there is something new to discover….a new path, different flowers & plants growing or maybe new fauna…this place never ceases to surprise me ….
There is always a change happening here with the passing season and each season it adorns a new look….and I love them all!!!….
I could write more on this fabulous place but no matter how much I write…words won’t be enough to describe my love!!!

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  1. Hi Shooting Star!
    Wow! This one I know, but your pictures are much better than mine… Would love to go back!!

    Meanwhile Blogtrotter is visiting Old Town Antalya in Turkey. Enjoy and have a glorious weekend!

  2. I've been to Delhi quite a few times, but still haven't made it to Lodhi Gardens. There is so much to explore in Delhi. Till then, thank you for your post and lovely images.

  3. you captured each and everything of this place. Difficult to choose which one is the best. I have never been to this place. By the way, that is an art piece (glass), which I clicked in an exhibition 🙂


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