The Mughal Gardens Rashtrapati Bhavan (official residence of President of India), is said to one of the central focus of the Presidential Estate. It is inspired by the Mughal Gardens of Jammu & Kashmir and only opens to public visitors about 2-3 weeks in a year.  I finally visited the famed Mughal Gardens, after living all my life in Delhi (imagine) and it was an interesting experience. Sharing some sweet moments from the Mughal Gardens visit here.

Mughal Garden

The official website of Rashtrapati Bhavan says this about Mughal Garden “Spread over a vast expanse of 15 acres, Mughal Gardens has often been portrayed, and deservedly so, as the soul of the Presidential Palace. Hon’ble President Pranab Mukherjee, who enjoys his morning walks at the Mughal Gardens, expressed his hope that “the future of the country would be as bright and vibrant as the flowers in the Mughal Gardens.”

The Mughal Gardens generally opens for public during the months of February-March for about 2-3 weeks, depending on weather. The Mughal Gardens this year (2017) is open till 12th March so if you happen to be in Delhi, this is the right time. The Gardens are open all days, except Mondays, from 9:30 am to 4 pm.

 It is said that the views and experience of a Mughal Gardens visit can vary each year, as every year, there are different layouts of the flowers and other plants. Also, every successive president (or his/her spouse) brings in a different character to the garden based on his/her interest in horticulture.

My Favorite flowers of spring at Mughal Gardens
Visitors walking in Mughal Gardens
CircularGarden at Mughal Gardens
Canals and fountain at Mughal Gardens
Flowers of spring

I visited the Mughal Gardens with two of my friends (one of whom was visiting Delhi and I thought that it will be nice to take her somewhere different).  We had a fun time clicking pictures of the garden and us. However, I found the layout of the garden too structured for my aesthetic taste (Lodhi Garden for me anyday). The flowers were definitely pretty and there were some nice spring time flower layouts.  One of my other friend (who has been staying in Delhi for many years now and has visited the gardens couple of years back), told us that her previous experience of the Mughal Gardens was much more lovelier as the layout during that year was simply stunning (she visited it during President APJ Abdul Kalam’s tenure).

Me and my friends at Mughal Gardens

I leave it upon the reader to decide whether to visit the Mughal Gardens or not. Ending the post with this excerpt from Christopher Hussey’s The Life of Sir Edwin Lutyens, in which Sir Lutyens’ wife has written that the garden was a “paradise.” She added, “…flowers are set in such masses, producing a riot of colour and scents, that, when, with the fountains playing continually, there is not the least sense of stiffness. The round garden beyond beats everything for sheer beauty and is beyond words.”

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  1. I love Mughal Gardens, I first went as a kid when I was in school. I was not just fortunate enough to be in school when I was a kid but also to visit Mughal Gardens and even had a darshan of then President who met the school kids.


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