It all started with a whatsapp group chat formed between 4 travel loving women. All of us were totally fed up the daily routine and had not been able to go on any travel for a month (yes thats as far as we can go without travelling!!). While discussing various options, we first settled for a long weekend getaway in Himachal Pradesh and had even booked the property. Closer to the dates, we realized that there were multiple news updates on the cloud bursts and flood like situation in the Himalayan state. So frantically, we started looking elsewhere, because we HAD to go somewhere!!! The option ranged from Shekhawati to Jaipur to many other destinations. Finally, we settled on a quick getaway over the weekend at Satya-Jyoti Trust Farm at Sare Khurd (in Alwar, Rajasthan).

I must share it was my brainwave, as I had been to the farm earlier (read here my experience) and figured it would be lovely in the rainy season. So it happened, an adventurous monsoon weekend getaway for 4 lovely women friends to Satya-Jyoti Trust Farmstay in Alwar, Rajasthan (India).

I got the bookings done in jiffy, as the Farm is hosted on AirBnb and it’s a pretty easy booking process
(in fact, I’m starting to really warm up to AirBnb for travel stay planning). And then our real adventure began for the travel!! One of our friends suddenly had a last minute training re-scheduled on the weekend and it was such a heartburn for all of us and we anxiously searched around for a driver and hired one for the trip (as originally we had planned to divide the drive between three people but with rains and rest 2 people not so sure, we did not want to take any chances). Then, at the last minute (literally the night before the planned travel), her training got cancelled and what a joy for the rest of us it was!! (for her too but more for us!!).

On the morning of the weekend, I got up to a heavily grey sky and by the time I got ready, it was pouring cats & dogs!! By the time I got in the car,  my pants were wet and one of my friend who had come to join from my place, was completely drenched. Anyways, we began our journey, first picking up the other 2 friends at Dwarka; this turned out to be mini adventure in sorts, with the rains splashing onto our car window many times, visibility zero at moments and then a wrong google map direction which led us to the wrong apartments in Dwarka!! Anyways, we started off the journey from Delhi much later than we thought and were soon cruising on the NH 8 highway (we had decided to keep the driver, looking at the metrological update on rains over the weekend and that turned out to be a brilliant decision). The drive was relaxing, as well as enthralling as the landscape looked beautiful, even the urban landscape. Soon, we were in Alwar and then the google map gave away (due to connectivity)! So it was the good old fashioned way of getting around – asking for directions, calling up the Farm manager and lots of guess work.

Finally, we reached Satya-Jyoti Farm at around 11 am and the moment we entered the farm, all our difficultieson reaching the destination were forgotten.

The Farm was a visual and auditory delight – lush greenery, sounds of peacocks, koels & insects, romantic grey skies with a light drizzle. We spent two full days at the Satya-Jyoti Trust Farm, doing mostly nothing but enjoying everything!!

As my friend and travel blogger Ruchira Shukla described aptly on her facebook status “When you spend the rainiest day of the year on a farm and it’s so green that it actually hurts your eye. You can’t see it in the pictures but there was incessant back ground music of raindrops falling on leaves as the peacocks and koels roosting deep in the trees conducted their own orchestra. Nature at its finest ! To be enjoyed by simply sitting still and listening.”

The cook cum caretaker Poonam took really good care of us and we all liked the delicious meals prepared by her. We had a whale of a time chatting together in the evening, over a round of hot pakoras prepared by Poonam, as it rained lightly and the peacocks carried on their special evening orchestra. We took a relaxed walk around the farm, but realized it’s not the best time to be walking around.

The weekend went by rather fast & rather well and when it was time to go back, all of us felt that we should come back here soon.  The monsoon weekend getaway was an unique adventure and I’m looking forward to some more exciting travels in this monsoon season!!

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  1. What?! A month of travels? Yeah, I would go mad too, haha! Your getaway makes me want to fly to India this instant. Nostalgia of Indian monsoon hits me so hard. You are to be blame! I'm glad you had a whale of a time with your girls. I can really bask in with the nature as I read your post. Ohhhhhh…..
    Cheers, Ping


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