Gujarat Diaries ~ I had gone on a road trip in 2006 ..travelled extensively in gujarat..a continous stretch from gandhinagar to dwarka up till the west coast of india…where the arabian sea touches the shores…most amazing road trip till now…remeber it fondly from time to time… it prompted me to start this blog!!..and i wrote the first post about that trip in this blog.
somehow very nostalgic about it since last few days so thought will post some pics of it… so here goes!!!…..

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  1. I did that whole stretch upto Bet Dwarka and further by boat upto OKHA some years ago.. fascinating place specially those endless desert salt plains.. and those flamingo’s which nest there…
    cool photographs.

  2. Lovely pictures. The first picture is very interesting and unique, I must add. It must have been a wonderful experience travelling by road. I wish I can do something of that sort.

  3. hi dear,
    thanks for your sommect.
    Sorry I am not able to be regular with blogs.
    But will soon catch up.
    You have put some beautiful pics..
    Take care

  4. WoW…some very beautifully captured shots…simply love them…Wish U & your family a Happy Holi. May this Holi brings a lot of joy and happiness in our life & Wish that your life becomes colorful as the colors of Holi..

  5. It must have been a fascinating trip looking at the pictures. The birds and the sunsets are my favourites…
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I finished my Greek Islands 2006 adventure with a post on Cretan Towns! Since you’re posting January 2006 pics, I don’t feel I’m so delayed in posting… ;))Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi,SS-long time,no hear!:) Road trip,in hamaara Gujarat,from Gandhinagar to Dwarka?I must admit,I never travelled that route before..seems to be really scenic.:)

  7. @southpaw…it was fun riding the chakkkra…..when ur on the driver seat..u feel like a king…the position and the fact that the roar of engines makes it impossible to hear any other vehicle…so the chakkra driver rides like a king!!!!

  8. @southpaw
    the windmill site is on somewhere ont he road from jamnagar to dwarka…maybe before the coastal highway of dwarka starts…it was one of the most amazing sights i encountered on the trip….
    we were driving down the empty road with vast emptiness on both sides in the middle of afternoon…the sun beating down upon us …and suddenly in the middle of nowhere we saw these huge windmills… first i thought i was hallucinating…that the sun and heat was playing tricks on me!!!….

  9. Next time u plan a trip lemme know in advance, i’ll take u to the Kutch one of the most unique place u can think of…but plan it during the winters or else we’ll end up roasted in the heat…pata chala wapas aate aate 25 kilo weight evaporate ho gaya…:P, by the way didnt u encountered those stupid Neelgais(Blue antelope) during ur road trip? I see those hunks everytime i m shuttling from kutch to ahmedabad and back…The biggest i hv seen so far was 8ft tall in Naliya this winter, thankfully he didnt messed up and ruined the chairs and other stuffs as they r famous for.

  10. U also had a ride on that chhakda as they call those diesel 3-wheeler..:D, i like the roar of that vehicle…but in the entire saurashtra and kutch it is one of the most imp mode of transportation and also causes lot of accidents as u will always find them roaring on the highways overload…


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