Living in Delhi all my life, it never ceases to amaze me how fast this city has grown over the 20 odd years I have lived in it and how its still growing. While I don’t like a lot of stuff that’s come up in Delhi (read Malls), I do like the way some small neighborhood markets have transformed themselves into posh little shopping hangouts.
Mehar Chand Market in Lodhi Road, located in the middle of Lutyens Delhi is an example of a lovable neighborhood market transforming itself beautifully into much visited posh market and I have been lucky to see it go through the transformation, coz it’s MY NEIGHBORHOOD MARKET. I call it my cute little posh neighborhood market. It’s among my favorite places in Delhi and I am happy to take you all on a personal tour through Mehar Chand Market.
Come, take a walk with me πŸ™‚

Mehar Chand Market is named after Independence era Indian politician Mehar Chand Khanna, who was responsible for rehabilitation of displaced persons from Pakistan to India in Delhi. Originally, this market consisted of grocery shops, vegetable vendors, tailor shops, barber shops and other such utility shops to serve the local area residents in and around Lodhi Road. 
Growing up in Lodhi Road, I have fond memories of accompanying mum to her grocery shopping here. A lot of the grocery shops are still very much here and thriving. 
The growth & transformation of Meherchand Market is directly related to the transformation of Lodhi Road. With time, Lodhi Road became the residence of bureaucrats, artists and polticial heavyweights. Also a number of international and national organizations came to have their offices here at India Habitat Centre and Lodhi Estate. The nearby Khan Market(also in Lodhi road) became the most sought after shopping hangout in Delhi and rental prices hit the roof. So, business which could not afford to pay up rent in Khan Market slowly started moving to Mehar Chand Market and found they were attracting customers beautifully.  And from then on, it was a roller coaster as one by one, chic businesses opened up and are still opening in Mehar Chand Market.
I won’t write about all the shops here, that would become a really long post. I will just write about some of my favorites. Mehar Chand Market is linear, situated on the back road of India Habitat Centre and has a nice open path way which makes for a pretty stroll (not to mention window shopping).

Crazy Daisy is one my favorites here, selling eclectic crockery.

There is a local meat shop here, which has a kebabs counter (open in the evenings only) and it’s very popular with locals and office goers. It’s one of the husbands most favorite shops here too πŸ™‚
The Market is divided into 2 parts by a four way road running through it. A Cafe Coffee Day outlet is located at the junction and obviously is popular with everyone.
Some of my other favorite shops here are Artisan Luxe (Pretty Home Furnishings & select Crockery), The Kirana Shop (organic gourmet food & condiments shop), Navya (another pretty home decor shop) , Soma and Suruchi (Jaispur based textile garments brands).
But my most favorite shop happens to be House of Masaba’s maiden Masaba outlet in Delhi(yeah it opened up in Mehar Chand Market). I was so happy that when house of Masaba chose to open their maiden Delhi outlet in this market.
My favorite Salon Chain Affinity opened up one outlet here, which is super convenient for me. I can now combine my grocery shopping with a visit to the salon for a quick mani pedi session πŸ™‚
Cake Blossoms, a cute little patisserie has some of the most yummiest cupcakes (with soft creamy frosting). I go there with family & friends a lot.  

I could go on and on about shops, eating out places and all…but I would like to stop here.
Meherchand market also has 3 temples (unique right!!), all of which are visited by locals.

If you are a Delhiite and haven’t been to Mehar Chand yet , do make a visit ASAP. And if you are traveler visiting Delhi, do make make it  as a must on your itinerary.

Come Visit Mehar Chand Market ~ my cute posh little neighborhood market.

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  1. Hi, thank you for posting. I was looking for Refugee Market and came across this. I grew up here 1977 to 1984 between CII or DII flats and Lodhi Road Complex flats. Life was taza namkeen and cold gahne ka juice here for me and my friends.

  2. Hi, Loved your blog! I lived in Bharti Nagar in 1998-2000 and Mehar C was our corner shop type market. Amazed to see it grow! some of us are doing a project on its growth-any old neighbours that we can interview?.

  3. Hello,I "happened" across your very interesting blog which for me held a particular interest in that I lived in Lodhi Road from 1950TO 1955.As you can imagine it was so very different then I don't remember the market that you mention. I recall the main market and Khanna market.There was also the Refugee Market which may be the one that has now been renamed.I have not visited India for a long time however on my mnext trip I will surely take a walk down memory lane.Thanks again

    1. Yes Refugee market is renamed as Meherchand market. Refugee market was famous for Pant alterations, fish market and grocery shops. It used to be a poor cousin of Khanna Market

  4. I wish I could spend some more time in this quaint little market….I loved what I saw of it! Can't wait for my next trip to Delhi….I'll dedicate one day to your cute posh neighborhood market! ^_^

  5. I wish I could spend some more time in this quaint little market….I loved what I saw of it! Can't wait for my next trip to Delhi….I'll dedicate one day to your cute posh neighborhood market! ^_^

  6. Amazingly… I have lived in Delhi almost all my life and yet I visited Meherchand Market only a few weeks ago… and I loved it too. Such a nice little artistic neighborhood. I did shop around as well… but was disappointed at Chez Nini though :/

    But excited to read your favorite places in Delhi Series. πŸ™‚ Great Idea!

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  7. Nice post and beautiful pics..makes me want to explore those alluring shops:-)
    And Masaba, now that is a must visit store for sure!


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