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Though I have traveled extensively in India, the western part of India, especially the Western Ghats remain elusive to me. The reason is mostly geographic, as I stay in North India and neither my work nor any of the my travel plans have taken me yet to the Western Ghats region. However, the never ending travel planner that I am, there are already some must visit destinations in the Western Ghats on my travel list.

One of them happens to be the quaint hill station of Mahabaleshwar. Nicknamed the land of strawberries, this erstwhile summer capital of Bombay (during the colonial rule) is one of the greenest destinations in the Western Ghats. It is dotted with picturesque strawberry farms and panoramic view points; there are around 14 view points from where panoramic views of the beautiful western ghats can be enjoyed. It is this scenery , which I have seen in numerous pics that draws me most to Mahabaleshwar as a destination. It is also a honeymooner’s much loved destination, with a number hotels in Mahabaleshwar offering special packages to couples. Also, for family holidays, it is easy tobook budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar , as there are a number of options available.

Anyways, accommodation is the least of my worries, what I really need to work on is when to go and how to plan my trip there. Here’s hoping, this year, I am able to make good on my wish of the trip to the land of Strawberries – Mahabaleshwar!!!

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  1. Mahabaleshwar and panchgani both the hill stations are nice place to chill out. Its scenic beauty is really awesome. You can stay there at Ravine hotel which is a really nice place to stay as it is only few minutes walking distance away from the main market. Strawberries are really nice here and you will get lots of place to visit.


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