One of the fun ways we spent our evening in Bangkok was to visit Madam Tussauds Bangkok edition.  Me and a colleague originally wanted to visit Asiatique that particular evening but just when we left the hotel, there was a heavy downpour and since going to Asiatique meant a choppy boat ride on the Chao Phraya river, we dropped the idea (I eventually wen t to Asiatique on another evening with another colleague, read here).
So we instead decided to visit the Madam Tussauds Museum in Bangkok, which was jsut one station away by Sky Train. We spent one hour there and met up with a quite a few celebities 🙂

We first of all hung out Gandhi ji 🙂

Jackie Chan was his ever smiling self……

I hugged my husband’s most favorite cartoon character – Doremon (and sent him a pic to make him jealous)

Bruce Lee showed off his smooth moves

Wolverine was as handsome and intense as ever…….

I tried break dancing with the king of Pop Michael Jackson……

I couldn’t stop hugging the oh so! yummy Christinao Ronaldo 🙂

We also met with Picasso…..


Katy Perry was showing off her moves…..

no please guess which is the real human beign which are the wax figure … 🙂

And the Queen of British Empire was also presiding…as regal as ever.. 🙂

It takes around an hour to visit the Madam Tussadus Bangkok museum and it is an interactive museum with sound, props, lights and wax figures positoned in interesting angles. The ticket for one adult is around 700 baht (1400 INR approx) and thats not cheap, but it is an easy entertainment option, when one is bored or doesn’t have much to do if in Bangkok. 

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