CaffeTonino is the newest restaurant in the happening Connaught Place area. It has positioned itself very well, having located in the H block next to PVR Plaza Cinema complex. I was invited for a meal to the restaurant last week and it turned out to be a pleasant experience for me.

The restaurant is very new (barely a week old) and as one enters, there is a minty fresh vibe. The interiors are done in a relaxed Café style with white walls, & bright yellow tiled floors,  lots of natural light through large windows, wooden chairs & tables &interesting (but not overwhelming) lighting.

I was served the tasting menu and Chef Suman also dished out a couple of items from the few more the main menu for me. Since the restaurant is pretty new, I would like to highlight what all I liked in the menu first and then tell about things which can be improved.

I loved the Orange blossom (fresh orange, fresh basil & gingerale) drink, it nicely combined the fresh orange & basil flavors; this was the best drink among all the ones I was served (which is not to say I did not like the other ones but since I had this one first, it set the bar very high and the all the other were lower down the scale for me). I liked the Insalata de Barbietole e Caprino Salad (beetroot, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, artichokes, house dressing) which was fresh & the combination of the vegetables just worked together nicely for me. However, some people might find it under seasoned, which was not the case for me as the combination of flavors from the vegetables was totally perfect for me & I did not need any extra seasoning. The Tortelloni di ricotta e spinaci Pavarotti (spinach & ricotta tortelloni with creamy mushroom sauce & herb oil) was fabulous, the spinach & ricotta tortellonis filled were soft & melted in the mouth (though not as soft as Artusi Ristorante’s). The Mushroom risotto was nicely done; the rice was just perfectly cooked. The fluffy frittata was absolutely smashing, totally gooey on top with a lovely combination of herbs & spices and it’s something I will go back for to the restaurant. The tiramisu was done well, not the best I have had in Delhi, but it wasn’t bad either.

I was also served veg pizza margheritta , which I thought wasn’t warm enough (considering it was served right away from the oven as per the Manager) and for me it did not work on many levels (base wasn’t crispy enough, under seasoned,flavors of the vegetables did not come through). I was also served open Panino speziale alla caprese (open sandwich toasted with multi grain bread with buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil & red onion), which also did not work for me; though the ingredients used were fresh, there was no
seasoning and in the absence of seasoning, the combination of tomato & mozzarella cheese fell totally flat!! However, I am sure these are just teething issues for the restaurant and looking up the customer reviews, they will get these things right soon.

Overall, I liked Caffe Tonino and will be interesting to see how this place develops over a couple of months. I will surely come back here with my family for a meal here.

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