The winters in North India provide an excellent opportunity to explore the majestic state of Rajasthan with its diverse culture, royal legacy and arid yet fascinating landscape of aravalli mountain range, deserts and even the flat dry landscape. Every year we take a family road trip through Rajasthan covering atleast 8 days. However, this year due to personal commitments, we had to drop the idea of a long road trip. But wanderlust and the desire to take a break from the city, made us decide to take atleast a short break to Alwar region of Rajasthan, which is the neighbouring to Delhi (and actually part of NCR) and has many easy getaway options from Delhi. We decided to spend a long weekend at Tijara Fort Palace by Neemrana Hotels in Tijara, Alwar and it turned out to the be much needed refresher for our family which took away steam from all the pressure of personal commitments we are facing.

Tijara Fort Palace is one of 3 properties in Alwar by Neemrana Hotels group and is also the newest one, having opened only 2 years ago. The other two properties of the Neemrana Hotels in Alwar are :- (1) Neemrana Fort Palace in Neemrana, Alwar (2) Kesroli Hill Fort, in Kesroli, Alwar. We have stayed at both properties previously and so our expectations were same from the Tijara property.

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The Tijara Fort Palace is located around 100 kms from Delhi (depending upon where one is living in the city). It took us around 2.5 hours to reach Tijara Fort Palace from our home with one pit stop for breakfast and most of the delay was due to traffic congestion while navigating out of the city. Once we hit the highway, it was quite smooth sailing and soon, google maps took us through mustard fields, village road and a hillock with the fort in view. It was quite charming start to our stay at the Tijara Fort Palace.

The check-in was smooth and soon we were I our room, which was the popular Anjolie Mahal. Please note, we had got an upgrade on our stay and I was much happy to have been given this room as it was themed on Anjolie Ela Menon, who is one of my favourite painters. Each room in Tijara Fort Palace has been named after an artist or designer, and bears their signature style. The Anjoli Mahal has a mural done by Anjolie Ela Menon and bears the colour combination of her artworks on rest of the room (see pics below).

The Tijara Fort Palace is of the biggest properties of Neemrana Hotels group and we absolutely loved the space. It was perfect for our kid and also for us to go around, find a corner and relax. We were the only occupants in the Mardana Mahal complex in which our room was located, and we absolutely had so much fun being the only ones! I went for the in-house spa in the afternoon while my family napped and then took my tea on the upper levels of the complex, enjoying the views of the fields all around.

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The hospitality at Neemrana Hotels is laidback yet friendly and it was no different at Tijara Fort Palace. At the end of our long weekend getaway, we were recharged and headed back to our life in the city with much happiness. So, kudos to Neemarana Hotels for another beautiful property & fabulous stay!

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