I love Lodhi Garden, which by now every regular reader here knows. I have written so many posts on this beautiful park in the heart of Delhi city and my love affair with it will make me keep writing on it.
It’s not only my favorite hangout but also my favorite gym!! I come here for walks & runs almost every day. 
Sharing with you here some glimpses of Lodhi Garden on my walks.
Dedicated walkers/joggers on a rainy evening
Fountain inside the lake in the park
A lonely spot in the joggers track
Historical Stone Bridge inside the park
A tomb from various angles & in twilight

 Another popular tomb inside the park
I love the different views I get to see while walking through the park. It is in my view, one of the most prettiest parks in the city.

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Also check out some images of this lovely garden on My Unfinished Life’s  Facebook Page

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  1. The pics are awesome and I can imagine why you would want to go there for walking/jogging. I am a brisk walking enthusiast as well. We have lovely wide roads in our community and can see flowers and trees while we walk. There is something about walking outdoors. It nourishes the soul as well.

  2. I have heard a lot about this place but I am getting insider's details through this post. The pictures and the sights make me want to see this beautiful place. Some time, some day.

    Until then, stay happy.

    Joy always,

  3. I have heard a lot of Lodhi Gardens and seen a tons of pics from it but not been to it. I like how the photographs came from a runner/jogger's perspective–makes the post so different from others I have seen.

  4. The house I grew up in was a mere 5 minutes drive from Lodhi Garden ! I have spent my childhood there.. walking, jogging, playing, exploring the ruins. This post brought back a lot of wonderful memories ๐Ÿ™‚


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