Lodhi Garden, one of the beautifully landscaped gardens in Delhi is one place I have written so many times about. My regular readers already know I’m in love with it!!! And why not, it has got the perfect amalgamation of history, nature and gives me a sense of calm whenever I spend time at this garden.
Here, I share with you some glimpses and happenings of a typical Sunday Morning Walk at Lodhi Garden.  Come Walk with me πŸ™‚
The lovely stone path where we start our walk :-

 There is a spiritual congregation which meets every Sunday morning and tries to find the meaning of life (and it includes very spiritual dogs too!! nopes they are not here for the grub, they actually listen very intently!! )

Waling ahead, we cross our paths with some very serious joggers in all their super serious get ups. Surprisingly, I see them only on Sundays, though I go there every day almost.

The views around the joggers/walkers track is awesome. Here is some of the very best of heritage tombs and buildings (of Lodhi Dynasty Era) one can find in Delhi.

There is the geriatrics boys’ club which meets every day but on Sunday, it’s always a much bigger meet and included their helpers.

The rich & posh also send their dogs for a walk at Lodhi Garden with their handlers.
Walking along, we come up to the beautiful Athpula Stone Bridge.
The view from the middle of the bridge is awesome, especially on a bright sunny Sunday, when the fountain is is full swing and one can see a rainbow πŸ™‚
Distracted by the view and curious about the noisy sounds, I walk down the path to find the resident ducks out and about.

And I find a family having a good time by the lake.

Again, resuming our walk, we come across the free news stand. So, if you forgot the Sunday morning newspaper, pick one here.

There is the frisbee players gang, which is a regular every day.

There are serious photography enthusiasts here and there taking pics.

Last but not the least, there are love birds, who miraculously find time on a Sunday morning to get dresses in all their finery and meet their pair really early πŸ™‚

Lodhi Garden is always lovely, but on a Sunday, we make it a point to visit it for the funny & refreshing scenes we get to see and most importantly  keep ourselves fit.
Hope you loved this Sunday Morning Walk at Lodhi Garden as much as I do πŸ™‚

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  1. Yes, it is a perfect blend of history and nature.

    Once, when I was in Delhi, I had visited this Garden.

    Your post and the beautiful snaps refreshed my memory about the enjoyable visit.

  2. This is such a huge park! I love parks to sit and watch people walking, jogging, old people talking together, children playing! It's a great place to calm your mind!


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