Lamma Island is the third largest island of Hong Kong SAR and is also called by name Poi Liu Chao. I took a day trip to Lamma Island on my Solo woman travel to Hong Kong and it was a wonderful experience. Spending a day at Lamma Island is a great way to experience laid-back island life and enjoy time away from the fast paced life of Hong Kong. 

While researching about sightseeing options in Hong Kong, I was quite interested on reading about Lamma Island on Discover Hong Kong website (the official website of Hong Kong Tourism Department).  While discussing my travel plans in Hong Kong with my friend Payal (who’s a Hong Kong Resident), I enquired about Lamma Island and she gave me very positive feedback, telling me that they themselves go on Lamma Island Family Trails once in a while during weekends.

It is relatively easy to visit Lamma Island from Hong Kong; one has to take a ferry from Central Pier in Hong Kong going to Yung Shue Wan or Sok Ku Wan (if travelling by MTR like I did in Hong Kong, exit at Hong Kong Station from Gate E1, walk through IFC Mall and footbridge, it is quite easy to do actually, if you follow signs properly). It takes around 30-40 minutes for the ferry ride. Both Yung Shue Wan and Sok Ku Wan are jetties on Lamma Island and while the tourism website rightly mentions the start of Lamma Island family hiking trail from
Yung Shue Wan jetty and Market, apparently it takes lesser time to ferry into Sok Ku Wan and one can do a reverse walking trail from here, ending at the other jetty (as I learnt after reading one hong Kong local’s travel blog).

The Lamma Island Family Trail is a pleasant walking trail which will take the traveller through the following sights – Yung Shue Wan Main Street and Market, Lamma Winds, Hung Shing Yeh Beach, Hilltop Pavilion, Lo So Shing Beach and ending at Sok Ku Wan. As I said earlier, you can also do this the reverse way by getting off at Sok Ku Wan and ending your walk at Yung Shue Wan.

The first thing I felt as I got off the ferry at Yung Shue Wan was that time had immediately slowed down; life at Lamma Island goes at 1/10th the pace in Hong Kong, it has a certain rustic charm. There were a couple of small boats idling on the harbour and I could see rows of shops lining the waterfront.

As I walked through the main market street, which was actually more of a village market street, there were many interesting restaurants offering seafood, vegetarian & vegan food, fresh vegetables vendors, dried seafood vendors and to my surprise there was even an Indian restaurant!

Since my main aim was to relax and unwind at Lamma Island, I leisurely walked through the Yung Shue Wan market and proceeded ahead. Once the market is left behind, the only sounds one can hear are of nature. The Island has few houses on both sides of the walking trail but one hardly sees any inhabitants. Another thing which struck me was that the houses were proper bunglows out here in Lamma Island, compared to sky high skyscraper apartments in Hong Kong. Walking further ahead, I saw signs pointing to Lamma Winds – a wind energy turbine which makes for a visual treat. However, since I see so many of them in my work travels, I gave it a miss and walked ahead. Walking ahead, I had the option of going to Lo So Shing Beach or proceed to Hung Shing Yeh Beach-Hilltop-So Ku Wan. 

I opted for sitting out at Lo So Shing beach and enjoying the sun & sand. It was a pretty day at the beach and groups of students were playing on the beach. I think I must have spent around an hour at the beach people-gazing and enjoying the waves.

I headed back on the trail and boarded the ferry from Yung Shue Wan jetty with many wonderful memories & laid back spirit.

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