Sometimes I believe that I am a fashion style magnet (if there is some term like that!!). Let me explain…  I have a certain interest in fashion and am particular in dressing up. I scour brands both offline & online to find stuff that is unique (and looks a million bucks on me). And a lot of times, some really great brands find me!!!

Like Lai- Silver jwellery by Puja Bhargava Kamath. One fine day, around 2 years back, I found a sweetly written mail by Puja Bhargava Kamath about her line of jwellery (named Lai). She also sent me picasa images link to her work. Out of curiosity, I opened the link and found some really unique pieces of silver earrings, pendants, rings and other stuff. Since I am a silver buff, I was really interested and bought a piece from her. To my pleasant surprise, the piece, when it arrived, was even better than the image (which was a first, as either product is either a total downer from the online images or as seen on screen at best). That made me a regular buyer from her brand.

I have had people asking & complimenting me about the Lai earrings each time I wear them out. I love craftsmanship and the design elements. Most of all, I love the uniqueness of Lai. And most surprisingly, there is always a Lai piece which matches so well, with my Anokhi outfit (which is another rof my favorite brand). In fact, Puja pointed out this to me when I sent her two pics….I was like oh yes!! Why did I miss this!!

So presenting to you my readers, my Personal Lai & Anokhi collaboration!!

Wearing Lai earring from Samarkand Collection with long tunic from Anokhi ‘H’Mong’ (August 2014) collection

Wearing Lai earrings from Rangoli collection with anarkali Dress from Anokhi ‘Emerald Forest’ (July 2013) collection

Wearing Lai earrings from Detachable Jhumkas collection with Anokhi ‘Orient Pink’ (May 2014) collection 

Lai by Puja Bhargava Kamath has a facebook page and now website ( for retail and Jaipur based brand Anokhi’s stores can be found in all major cities (including Delhi)

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