Kovalam is a quaint beach town by the Arabian Sea, in the state of Kerala, India. It is one of the most popular beach resorts in coastal part of Kerala and is thronged by travelers all year round.  We spent one fine evening at Kovalam beach, while on our Thiruvanathapuram leg of South India tour. It was an evening of sun, sand, sea & surfing.
Kovalam is located around 16 kms from Thiruvanathapuram, which is the main city center. The city of Thiruvanathapuram is connected by Air , Rail and Road from all other major metropolitan cities. The easiest way to reach here is by Air. There are a number of cheap flights available from all major cities. From Thiruvanathaouram, one can book a taxi/cab to Kovalam.
There are a number of beaches in Kovalam, we decided to spend our time at Lighthouse beach, which is also the most popular beach there. The lighthouse beach is named because of an old lighthouse (which is still operational) in its vicinity.
Since it was evening, the beach was crowded with both travelers and locals. The fishing boats were resting on sand and it made for some nice props for beach shots.
As soon as we reached the beach, we opted to climb up the rocky outcrops, sit down at the best possible vantage point and observe the crowds. I spotted one guy coming back with a surfboard, curious, I looked towards the direction he was coming back from….lo behold I see two more guys surfing out in the waves!! Now, that’s a sight very rare in Indian beaches!!!
Surfers trying their luck!!
Soon, the sun began to set and the views down became dim, so we decided to climb down and walk down the sidewalk by the beach.
We came across a group of locals and foreigners playing volleyball; quite engrossed in the game, the fading sunlight did not bother them at all.
The sunset, when it came, was awesome. The red hue engulfed the beach and everything and everyone in it.
Post sunset, the sidewalk was lit up my streetlights and it was a pleasure to walk down the many shops selling antiques, souvenirs, jwellery and other touristy stuff. We bought a couple of things after a bit of bargaining. 

There are a number of restaurants and resorts by the lighthouse beach and we had our dinner at one of the restaurants. It was fresh sea and local food by the charming lighthouse.

Kovalam is a perfect beach destination for those looking a laid back beach holiday in Kerala. I would come back here for sure for a much longer break to experience the sun sand sea and surfing.

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  1. I love beaches in Kerala, the way the coastlines kiss the group of coconut trees! I've been to Kovalam beach, and din't like them. They were crowded most of the time, and were not so clean too! But it might be different now. If you get chance, do visit Cherai Beach..they're beautiful!

  2. I was in Kovalam ages ago, when I was in school!! I remember lots of little shops selling jewelry and curios made of shells. Your photos have captured the sunset beautifully!


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