Kingdom of Dreams (India’s first love entertainment and leisure destination) happens to be located near Delhi (in Gurgaon), making it one of my preferred ways to be entertained during weekends. When it was opened some years back, I was curious to visit this place and experience the magical live entertainment experience it offered. Sure enough, I have visited it twice now, the only reason why I don’t visit it more often is because its located a bit far away from my home.

Last weekend, I visited Kingdom of Dreams along with my CAL group of blogger friends and it was an evening of fun, food, photography and one awesome live show. 
The entry to Kingdom of Dreams, is grand and is indicative of the scale of experiences to come. The giant carved elephant and the musicians singing at the entrance welcoming the guests are a nice way to start off. 
The destination has been conceptualized to offer a complete magical Indian experience to the visitors, has presently three segments  – Culture Gully, Nautanki Mahal and Spiritual Gully.
The first impression that I had when I entered Kingdom of Dreams for the 1st time was that everything was so magical and larger than life. It seemed that I had entered the Indian magical Neverland!!

The Culture Gully, spread over an area of 100,000 feet, is one of the key attractions of KOD. It has been designed like a typical Indian street, however and has elements from a number of states in India. There are elaborately decorated pavilions in which one can experience local cuisines, handicrafts, puppet shows, qawallis, palmistry, tarot card reading, etc.
One of my personal favorites was the Mumbai Pavilion, which was designed on the famous Victoria Terminus.
I loved the colorful sculptures, motifs, paintings and went trigger happy. My friend Sangeeta, who had come for the first time was mesmerized by the decor of the culture gully (she had previously thought that KOD was only for kids!!)
Each pavilion, cafe and restaurant was decorated in a unique fashion and it was a wonderful walk for us through culture gully. While Parul loved the Goa pavilion, Charis and Himanshu loved the Madras Cafe!!
The food at Culture Gully is delicious, no matter which cuisine you choose. On my earlier visit, I had eaten at   Assam, South India and Sugarcane Juice(whichI absolutely loved!!) from Lucknow. This time, all of us headed to Rajasthan restaurant. The Maharaj at Rajasthan restaurant, was from a royal lineage of cooks who served the Rajasthani royalty. He regaled us with stories as we tucked into the delicious food served warmly to us. 
I absolutely loved the way one of the servers showed me how to eat Daal-Baati-Churma. 

Adjoining the Culture Gully is the Spiritual Gully, which is dominated a by a wonderful statue of sleeping Buddha. We all unanimously loved the Buddha, it was such a calming feeling to watch him sleep 🙂 

We finally headed to Nautanki Mahal, the live art theatre, which has currently has 2 shows running, Zangoora and Jhumroo. Just like rest of Kingdom of Dreams, Nautanki Mahal has been decorated in a splendid fashion. I would describe it as royal meets goth!! ( which is kind of my style so I loved it)

I loved the details of the Nautanki Mahal, the mirrors, the floor, the chandeliers, lamps, chairs, everything!!
We watched Zangoora, The Gypsy Prince  – an action packed musical starring Indian Television heart throbs Hussain K and Gauhar Khan. It a fun packed 3 hours, in which we were entertained to the hilt with songs, dance, special effects (Me and Charis also managed to dance with the cast!!) 
Truely, it was an evening in the Kingdom of Dreams!!!

I would love to go back here again and again with family & friends. If you are in Delhi or visit Delhi on a quick trip, this is the place to must visit if you want to experience the magical India in one evening!!

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  1. Hi, first time visiting your blog..

    Kingdom of Dreams – that's a neat idea. In Toronto, where I live, they have a "festival of cultures" every summer and pavilions of different countries are set up. In India, we have such amazing diversity – every state is so different and is like its own little country.


  2. Your friend Deeba was also under the impression KOD was only for kids! Now I miss not having been there that night. Good company would have mae tis destination even better. It's magical, and really larger than life!

  3. Wow! This place looks truly magical!!! Must visit when I'm in Delhi next… 🙂

    And OMG! You actually saw Hussain! Like….HUSSAIN!!! Up, close! *sigh* I envyyyyyyyyy!!!! I've been his BIGGEST fan since, like, forever…… <3


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