Khirsu in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand is a small village located at an altitude of 1700 meters from sea level.  Conveniently located around 40 km from Srinagar town (in Uttarakhand) and 20 km from Pauri town, Khirsu is easily accessible yet away from the rush of the pilgrim route of Badrinath/Kedarnath in Garhwal. We visited Khirsu for summer family holiday and it turned out to be a relaxing break for all of us.

Khirsu views

Khirsu is quite small, with a total geographic area of 5 hectares only; there are only 3 shops, a school, college, a temple and a scattering of houses spread on the mountain slopes on which people carry out step farming. There is nothing to do in Khirsu in terms of ‘sight seeing’ (which in my opinion is the best part about it!). However, there is a lot to observe and experience for nature lovers. We spent 3 days in Khirsu walking around the village paths, walking trails into the Forest parks, gazing at the stunning mountain flowers, spending endless hours watching clouds play in the sky and even tried to hike up through a forest area all the way to Mata Ulkheshwari /Ulkhagiri temple located on a mountain top. Khirsu is surrounded by protected forests/forest reserves and one feels in the lap of nature here.

We stayed at the GMVN Tourist Rest house and it is the most prominent accommodation for travellers there, though we also saw boards for 2 other homestays/resorts. The GMVN tourist rest house is located at a vantage point, below the Primary Health Centre and about 300 meters away from the main village centre.  On a good day, one can spot the Majestic Kedarnath and Chaukhamba peaks from the Tourist Rest House. The GMVN tourist rest house is not fancy, in fact basic in terms of facilities. However, it is clean and food is decent here. We stayed at the cottages which were separate from the main building and found that it was more suited for families looking for privacy. The staff here is nice and polite, attend to the guests adequately though not very quick.

GMVN Tourist Rest House in Khirsu
Cottages of GMVN Tourist Rest House in Khirsu

The first day we arrived, it rained heavily and for the rest of the days, clouds & sun shine kept playing hide & seek. We absolutely loved the foggy morning which then turned to bright afternoons, only to turn back to misty chilly evenings. Our kid loved walking around the village paths, got excited on spotting birds, butterflies and all sorts of other ‘animals’ she doesn’t come across in the city.

We also chatted with fellow guests at the GMVN Tourist Rest House and learned that lot of travelers came here post their treks in Chopta-Tungnath or coming back from Kedarnath/Badrinath to relax before heading back down.

Evening at Khirsu, Uttarakhand
Views of the majestic Kedarnath & Chaukhamba peaks

On the last day of our stay, the sky cleared up and we got to see the majestic Kedarnath & Chaukhamba peaks and we went back with our hearts & minds full of nature.

Travel Guide to Khirsu

  • Driving Distance from Delhi to Khirsu is around 335 kms and it makes for a long drive (almost 10 hours), Best is to break at one point in the journey (we stayed in Haridwar we have second home)
  • The traffic till Srinagar town is heavy as it’s the pilgrim route to Kedarnath/Badrinath and then it’s a steep uphill road drive.

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  1. I just spent a week in Dehradun (my hometown) and right now while reading your post I am on the way to Delhi. I don’t feel like going back to the infamous hot weather , especially after reading your post. We city dwellers don’t have the luxury of nature and “doing nothing but exploring around” sounds absolutely thrilling. Thanks for sharing this post. This urges me to see Khirsu 🙂


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