Kasauli is a small town & army cantonment in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh.  It is an accidental hill station, having located on the hills and located along the way to the more famous Shimla; however, mostly it’s a small town with an army cantonment, few hotels, lots of colonial style cottages & bungalows and some heritage structures from the British era (church & some buildings). I had the opportunity to visit it back in 2006 on an office trip and wanted to come here ever since. This summer, we decided to go for our family holiday in Kasauli along with our infant daughter and Mum. It was 4 days of escape into nature and tranquility.

The beauty of Kasauli for me is that there is nothing to do! There is a very small (almost nondescript) Mall Road with a British Era Church, few shops & motels. Most part of Kasauli main consists of Army cantonment and bungalows; the bunglows are again mostly owned by retired Army personnel. Since the army loved to be secretive and not mix with the riff raff, this hill station has thankfully escaped the fate of other hill stations (which are an overgrowth of hotels, restaurants and footfalls of the dreaded ‘tourists’).  

The ‘tourists’ though have managed to have their presence felt here too, as on weekends, people from nearby Chandigarh, Haryana and Punjab drive down in hordes and create quite a noise in the Mall Road (but thankfully can’t do it in any other part of town). But for the most part, Kasauli is still relatively low key most of the year, as the locals told me and very quiet & relaxing. 

For the traveler though, Kasauli is bliss!! The views in Kasauli are exquisite. The roads are mostly empty and make for wonderful walks. Me and the husband walked, clicked and enjoyed our time together (and very precious together time indeed after having the baby). We stayed at the HTPDC run Ros Common Hotel, which was heritage bungalow converted into hotel, located inside the Army area; it is quaint property with nice service, pretty views and delicious food (the best in Kasauli in my opinion).

The town has a heritage market, which are basically regular shops running out of heritage buildings. There is an ancient Hanuman Temple, located inside the Air Force station and reaching here requires a steep climb; the views are lovely but since it’s a defence area, no photography is allowed here.

The Christ Church is a British era heritage church, located in the centre of the town is a good place for photography; however it is open for public on Sundays only. Last time I visited, this church was empty on a Sunday while this time around it was buzzing with ‘tourists’.

The best moments in Kasauli, though was watching the clouds & mist play in the mountains (read post here).

Kasauli is a destination recommended for the tranquility seekers and nature lovers.

An earnest request for visitors to the hill stations – please don’t litter, don’t honk horns on the lovely hill roads, don’t play loud music and DON’T ask if there is a MALL to go to!! You can do all of these when you are in the city (on second thoughts, just don’t do it at all!!).

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  1. Kasauli seems like an amazing hill station. The images and pictures you have shared reiterate this fact. I must say you have shared some amazing images. I would like to visit the place during my next vacation. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Hey, we also stayed at Ros common! I agree the food was delicious. 🙂 It was in 2006, I guess, when I went there with my bro. Thanks for refreshing my memories. Yes, Kasauli is a quiet town with nothing much to do, but fabulous views of the mountains are enough for a lovely holiday.


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