Jumpsuits are so perfect when one wants to be comfy yet stylish, yet this was one thing I was phobic about wearing coz I thought I would look like a tent house given my short height!!! Until my Sale temptation got the better of me and I tried on this Bright Print Jumpsuit at Benetton marked 70% down!! And lo Behold, it looked perfect on me!!
Wore this to a weekend lunch at the newly opened Eau De Monsoon restaurant at Le Meridien Delhi. Wanted to be super comfy yet not let go of stylish factor and this was perfect – comfort+stylish!! right??
                                 photograph courtesy:Rekha Kakkar
Jumpsuit: Benetton
Sling Clutch: Pieces(via ASOS)
Flats: Bata
Watch: Citizen
Again, my lovely blogger friends clicked some nice natural shots of me!!
     photograph courtesy: Sangeeta Khanna
I simply love this shot of me and it also shows why this jumpsuit is perfect on me…hides all my body shape flaws(no am not telling you what they are!!) and accentuates the good points 🙂

Do you have any particular outfit phobia?? And something you have overcome recently????

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  1. I have ALWAYS shied away from anything remotely resembling jumpsuits or rompers…but you do look great! Thanks for inspiring me to at least, try some on if I come across any good ones! 🙂

    Also, I totally overcame the phobia of wearing Maxi dresses during KFW…post coming up as we speak! :))

  2. @akansha – * I know I can count on you when it comes to anything and everything related to dressing up! You's so good at it :)*

    now that is some serious responsibility…. but im glad that me not being the perfect body shape can atleast inspire my friends to be bit more experimental in fashion 🙂

    thats the whole idea behind my outfit posts!!!

  3. Thanks Sushmita! Then, I am going to buy myself one, this weekend. I know I can count on you when it comes to anything and everything related to dressing up! You's so good at it 🙂

  4. @akansha – u got the perfect body type for jumpsuit(any cut!!)..lean and fit!!…u can blindly go and pick any jumpsuit and it will suit you!!!

    Me on the other hand had to find a jumpsuit which hides my lower body flab in a nice way!!

  5. really like this ..i have been looking for a jmpsuit that fits me well for ages you know..i am so short and all the ones i have seen in stores here are made for leggy lasses..i don't have outfit phobias as such but i remember i stopped wearing sleeveless for a couple of years..glad to say i have overcome that now..

  6. Cool!! I always had this fear that I may not look good to others so I try to stay away from the norm.. but there's this interview with a former Miss Philippines (I forgot her name hahaha) known for her eccentric fashion style and she said, "there is nothing good or bad in fashion. it's the impact you create and leave" which is very true.. 😀


    – Justin –
    The World According To Me

  7. First of all, you're so cute! I love the outfit on you. It suits you well 🙂 I've never tried on rompers. I think that's the one thing I was really scared of because for one thing, I'm super short, and I don't think my body type would wear them well.


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