Long Sandy white beach, pristine blue clear waters and blue sky all around – I think that’s the idea of bliss most for most us when we think of a beach holiday. But to find such blissful beaches (and un crowded ones) is a hard task. Andaman & Nicobar Islands archipelago is one of those destinations which have such beaches in abundance, but to get to these beaches is a lot of effort. We visited many beautiful beaches in Andaman & Nicobar trip and travelling to each one makes for a great story. Jolly Buoy Island in Mahatma Gandhi National Park has some of the best beaches and it took us one full day to visit this island. Sharing our experience of Jolly Buoy Island here:

Pristine blue waters of Jolly Buoy Island each

Jolly Buoy Island is one of the 20 islands which come under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and is protected under Wildlife Protection Act. The entry to this island is controlled by the Park authorities. There is only certain number of Agents running definite number of ferries each day and the number of visitors at any given hour is also controlled. The tickets for the ferries have to be bought in advance and the ferries start sharp at 9 am in morning from Wandoor beach, which is 30 Kms from Port Blair by road. Depending out the season and weather conditions, the park authorities decide on permitting visitors to Jolly Buoy  or Red Skin Island, which means that if a visitor has bought a ticket for a day tpur of the Park, the visit may be to Jolly Buoy or Red Skin depending on the day’s permission. Both Jolly buoy and Red skin are located at Mahatma Gandhi National park. We got to visit Jolly Buoy Island and were told by our ferry drivers that Red Skin island beach also looks similar as its also in protected territory (I guess those guys take visitors umpteen times to these islands so its lost the novelty for them and everything looks similar to them!).

Ferry Sailing in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
Thick Vegetation on un-habited islands in the Marine Park

The ferry journey to Jolly Buoy Island is very exciting; sailing through the un-touched islands with wild vegetation and deep blue (almost black) sea water, I got the shivers just thinking about the isolation the first settlers must have felt on arriving here, clearing out the vegetation and making a life for themselves. It must have been a very hard life for them. It takes around one hour to reach the island and for us, the ride turned more exciting as it started raining on the way; I was seriously anxious with thoughts of possible drowning of ferries in the inclement weather.

Jolly Buoy Island as viewed from the ferry

The Jolly Buoy island has a stunning long white sand beach littered dry, twisted trunks of trees torn up and fringed not with palms but by dense forest.  Since it is protected site, the underwater corals here are stunning and one can opt for wither glass bottom boat or snorkeling here. I had the loveliest time here clicking pics, looking at the underwater corals from glass bottom boat while the husband enjoyed snorkeling.  Jolly buoy Island looks like end of the world with the surrounding islands lush with thick forests.

Jolly Buoy
white sand beach
Stunning views of Jolly Buoy Island

If you are in search of pristine beaches, then a visit to Jolly Buoy (or Red Skin) Island is totally recommended. Here are some things you should remember planning to visit Jolly Buoy Island:

  • Jolly buoy is a No Plastic zone. Before leaving to Jolly buoy island, people have to submit the list of all plastic items at Wandoor beach. They have to deposit a security amount of INR 100 against each plastic item. They will get the amount back after returning against producing the same items.
  • Additional amount is to be paid for each still and video camera. 
  • People visiting this place through travel agents will get everything packed and will be accompanied by one of the person.
  • People have to carry swim suits or other wears suitable for Snorkeling and scuba diving. Jolly buoy is a no man’s land. During time of our visit, two ferries along with small boats (for coral view) brought all the visitors and everything returned back.
  • There is a make shift place, which is no good for changing the dress, especially for ladies and kids.

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