While researching on shekhawati region for our Winter Family Road Trip through Rajasthan, I got to know in detail about Jhunjhunu, which was one of the towns located near to one of the properties  – Piramal Haveli,Bagar, we were staying for first leg of our  trip. The town seemed to be one of those typical smaller town of Northern India, which has seen much of its native population migrate for better opportunities. 

We took a day tour of Jhunjhunu from Bagar, visiting its most famous landmark –  Rani Sati Temple and just going around the town. Sharing here our experience of Jhunjhunu.

Jhunjhunu has had an illustrious past, much like the other Shekhawati towns, with many renowned business families of India tracing their ancestoral routes here. However, the town in present times is quite laid back, with many havelis lying vacant and in disrepair. While driving in our car through the lanes of Jhunjhunu in the afternoon hours, it was a common sight to have a caretaker squatting/standing in front of a haveli (euther rundown or in a bit good shape) gossiping or sunbathing in the winter sunshine.  The havelis here are on the less opulent side, but if one looks closely, the beauty lies in the details. 

The locals here are oblivious of their inherent heritage and any attempt at asking for directions to any good sightseeing places is met with a stare  with inherent message – Are You Crazy ??!!

The Rani Sati Temple is very renowned in this town though and one gets prompt directions to here; in fact one helpful lad drove on his bike with us half the way to show us the Temple.

Anyways, coming back to the town, what I found most beautiful is the narrow lanes and the interesting uses some of the havelis have been put to – charitable schools, Dispensaries, Temples and we also spotted Aurobindo Society Ashram.<

So, would I recommend a visit to Jhunjhunu?? Well, I wouldn’t say no and I wouldn’t say yes! It all depends where you are staying in Shekhawati region and while making a special visit here is not really worth the time, but if  nearby, this town makes for an interesting
visit, just for the photography opportunities.

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  1. Loved your pictures! I am from Rajasthan and I've grown up seeing rich heritage in all city architecture, but it still leaves me spellbound. I haven't been to Jhunjhunu yet, but hopefully will visit it now. Great blog!


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