I find forts & fortresses have a mysterious & invincible  air around them. Built to protect kings, nobles & their dynasties, they have outlived their creators in most cases. I have visited few forts, but always come away feeling a dual sense of humbleness & awe. One such fort I visited was Jaigarh Fort, also called  Victory Fort, in Rajasthan (India).

During one of my many work trips to the pink city Jaipur, I had the chance to visit Jaigarh Fort, located around 15 kms from the main city. This fort overlooks the more popular (and UNESCO Heritage Site) Amber Fort and in fact was built to protect it; can you imagine that ~ A fort built to protect another fort!! interesting right!!
Jaigarh Fort is rugged in look, built as it is on one of the peaks of the  Aravalli Hills and is most famous for housing  ‘Jaivana’ – the world’s largest cannon on wheels.  The Jaigarh Fort, like the City Palace Jaipur, is privately owned, by the Royal Family and has been conserved well.
The fort can be reached from a winding uphill road and from the main gate to the ramparts & other sights within the fort, it’s a long walk. Therefore, advisable to take commercial jeeps available at the entrance or if driving by own vehicle, pay vehicle charge & drive around inside to all the sights.  In the monsoons (when I visited), the surrounding landscape of the otherwise rugged & dry Aravalli Hills transforms into vibrant green  all around.


There are many legends associated with Jaigarh Fort, the most talked about are the hidden treasures in the large underground water tanks within the fort. However, no treasures have been found till date, inspite of Income Tax & Indian Army doing a thorough search in the 1970s. The fort has a museum & an armory chamber for the tourists and a souvenir shopping complex. It is less visited in comparison to Amber fort. However, for the crowd shirking me, it was a perfect place as I had a lovely time clicking pics in peace.
If visiting Jaipur (either on work or leisure trip), a day tour to Jaigarh Fort is very much  recommended. 
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