Growing up in Delhi -capital of India and living here all my life, I had not attended India Republic Day Parade (held on rajpath-India Gate in New Delhi wvery year on 26th January) till now. My dad always used to get  a special pass (being a beauracrat) but still we preferred to watch republic day parade on television everu year – year after year!
Keeping my promise to myself to try as many new life experiences as posdible this year, I decided to attend Republic Day Parade Full dress rehearsal this year. It turned out to be quite an experience on a foggy winter weekend morning!!


One of my close friends from college also was enthusiastic about watching republic day parade in person and gladly becane my partner in this experience. We woke up early morning, took a cab, walked to the main sitting area for an hour empty stomach & thirsty (as no food or liquids are allowed due to security reasons) to watch the republic day full dress rehearsal.
The Republic Day Full Dress Rehearsal is held 3 days before the actual D-Day, on 23rd January every year and it is as good as watching the actual thing on Republic Day on 26th January.


The Republic Day parade showcases the might and pride of our Indian Republic and has armed forces, state tablaeus and artists from all over India performing. It is indeed a sight to watch.





We finished off our morning with a good breakfast at the nearby INS canteen!!
Happy India Republic Day

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