In 1960’s, when dalai lama fled tibet and came to India to seek refuge..he settled down in a quiet place in himachal pradesh called named after a british governer of Punjab..
Since then, Mcleodganj has grown from a quiet sleepy village the centrepoint of tibetan struggle..and living…
my dear friend dreamcatcher had gone there sometime back last year and kept raving about it…i frankly didnt see why…i mean all hill stations are more or less the same….but then he told me…it’s not a hill station and you should go there once!!!

well..i finally did get the opportunity …and with a very inquisitive mind…i started my journey to McleodGanj…..

McleodGanj is located in himachal pradesh, a couple of kilometers above Dharmashala….the best way to go there is to board a sleeper bus from delhi in the evening and it will reach early next morning
The first thing that i noticed when i reached there was the peace and serenity… the bus reached its final drop off point, there was no hustle bustle of autorickshaws or anything to carry u off to the nearest hotel or any agents who will be asking you to come to their hotel..

we checked into our hotel(we had booked in advance)…..and after getting refreshed went out for breakfast..and i was amazed, the place offers such variety of food.. european food of course and it has some really good restaurants, even better than Delhi in terms of quality of food, service and money…though be warned..there is no concept of fast food…here people are laidback…..they are polite and friendly…ask you for the order only when called and will suggest you very honestly about food…but dont expect your food in a jiffy!!!!…the food comes in its own sweet time ..but its always delicious…i ate so much during the two days that i stayed there..i must have gained two kilos!!!!

Dalai Lama’s headquarters are located at one corner of the town, but since at the time of out visit, he wasnt in…we decided to give it a miss….

At the time i went to Mcleodganj, there were a lot of protests against Beijing olympics..with the monks and also other people regularly taking out peaceful protests in the evenings….

there are a couple of places to wander about in McleodGanj..i particularly liked the tibetan monastry and temple set up by Dalai Lama… is located a bit away from the main town..but can be reached by was a lovely experience for walk down winding paths among greenery and prayer flags and reach the monastry……and voila..once i was there..rains came down alongwith hails!!..and i spent a wonderful time(shivering though!!) the shade of the temple’s courtyard…..

there is a very old church known as St. John in the wilderness at the beginning of the town was set up by british in the 1800’s and abandoned by1900’s…it is a crumbling structure but a very surreal place to be…since it also has a graveyard..and the tombstones are definitely old world…i spent quite a substantial amount of time fact i got lost reading the tombstones..and wondering about these people who had come from so far a land….and died long back…about the life they led……and how they must have felt here in India…..

Mcleodganj offers some really nice views..and one could get lost in the clouds…sipping tea at some rooftop eatery…gazing at the numerous prayer flags fluttering in the breeze and the hills beyond…
nearby to Mcleodganj…there is a place called naddi which offers some really great views of himalayas…and its a lovely experience visiting this place and taking part in the wonderful views!!….

soon it was time to leave… was just two days…..but i was so enthralled by
Mcleodganj…it is serene, spiritual,refreshing and delicious!!(yeah it is…after having so much delicious sure about his adjective!!)….
if one wants a quick refreshment from the grind of city life..this is the place to the land of dalai lama!!!!

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  1. I can sense the peace and serenity of the place through your beautiful write-up and wonderful pictures! This is one place high up there in my bucket list! Wish I can make it there sometime soon..

  2. Ah ! lovely Shooting Star ! i don’t remember when i went there, perhaps before you were born. Same here, the Dalai Lama was on a tour i was told, i gave it a miss too. Reading your post brought back a flood of memories. i must be having slides, have to search, an impossible task. McLeodganj, what a name, i had completely forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me. i stayed in a wooden cabin. Very cold it was and it was raining. Thankfully the cabin wasn’t leaking and i had a good sleeping bag.

    Lovely pictures Shooting Star.

  3. Shooting star….

    good post there…..I consider you fortunate to have been up there…… Was told by many friends that it is indeed heaven on Earth…..

    Has been my dream to go there….. perhaps someday God willing!

    Keep the good work going

  4. Hi Shooting Star! After a short break but a long absence, I’m finally back to the blogosphere!
    From your pictures, Mcleodganj was probably a lovely place already in the 1950s; amazing that it became so «in» at the time of the 2008 Beijing Olympics… ;))
    Many thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, while I was off. It’s now on its way to Crete! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great week ahead!

  5. It’s a beautiful place you wrote about. Will visit it someday. Thanx 4 ur comments. Hope something will happen…

  6. Hi,SS-a lovely post about a lovely place. You should be a travel writer,honestly.

    Mcleodganj sounds like a gem of a place. I’d love to visit it someday-the words serene,spiritual,refreshing sound so distant when I’m working in the concrete jungle!!:)But then,everything is for a purpose,so,that day(To visit the place) will also come-someday,somehow!!:)Cheers!!:)

  7. u lucky girl! And here Im dreaming of going to places like that and Im still here 🙁

    Im a Buddhist and I so wanna go see temples and religious places in India, Nepal and Tibet before I die. Its my heart’s ultimate dream.


  8. went thru the entire blog …. times i dnt knw…. n the following lines tear open to stand out

    In my mind
    I see a mirage on the wall,
    But unfortunately
    it’s not there at all.
    My mirage,
    I’ll be drawing you soon.
    Then all of the beautiful people that come to our home,
    They’ll be seeing you too.
    My mirage,
    I’ll be drawing you soon,
    My mirage,
    I’ll be seeing you soon.

    The aforementioned lines in some way mite incite a question in the mind of the reader as to wat triggered it in this context. Well since the sights, sounds the beat of the place is etched in my memory forever….. the words along with the snaps conjured up a virtual reality at my place in Delhi.

    Life is small and round.. so may be will end up living the last count of life there…..

    SS deserve the kudos for posting the mesmerizing place with the choicest of words and pictures.

    For those who havent taken a sneak preview of the place… well take a shot…. it wnt let u down…!!!

  9. lovely pictures SS vibrant and captures the flavour of the place..never been there, but heard so much abt fact this is the second post on the same place that Im reading today


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