If some one asks me which have been the best days of my life…. without a blink I would say the SPA days!!
Apart from childhood (which I think is something different!!)….the best days of my life have been the ones (each and every day) I have spent as a student in School of Planning and Architecture.
Some might say that what’s so surprising about that, College days are undoubtedly always the best..but SPA was a college and much much more…it was my initiation into the real world, my training ground & simulation module for the corporate world and also the most fun days I ever had…..

the college courtyard…my(and everyone’s else’s )favourite hangout zone


It’s the place where I learnt how to sleep only two hours a day every day for two years and still deliver the best presentation, how to keep on talking in front of a jury non-stop for 4 hours on an empty stomach and sleep deprived, how to overnight make a report, etc etc….many innumerable professional lessons, which today has made me a confident (and I do think a successful) professional.

bird’s eye view…SPA


It’s also the place where I learnt life’s lessons about loyalty, trust, team work, betrayal, professional friendships, relationships and much much more….and its also the place which exposed me to myself…my possibilities, my capabilities., limitations and the confidence to go ahead in life with myself

main entrance of SPA hostel


When I graduated from college I was a naïve eyed kid with a degree..but my Masters years at SPA made me a man(rather a woman!!) ready to face the world….
But much more than all the hard work and the lessons….i had the most fun times here…..parties, trips and best of all the everyday gossips we had ….i don’t think I ever partied more in my life than in those two years….
…… hostel views…


A typical day in the Life of an SPAite goes something like this…rushing to make it to the morning Class at 9 am ..once reached the class and as soon as the lecture starts catch up on some sleep (but do keep an ear in case the professor starts asking questions)…have brunch at 10:30 in between classes, catch up some more sleep during rest of the classes scheduled till lunch time….check whether the presentation sheets got printed and also manage to have some food during lunchtime and if ur review is scheduled later , then gossip with your fellow late classmates whose reviews are also scheduled later, otherwise put sheets up in the review room 5 minutes before end of lunch hour…. wait for the teachers’ jury to come and review…review starts and u start getting blasted by all 5 teachers on all 5 sides on your work…answer, argue, justify till they are satisfied(which is almost never!!)….after review is over(which is around 5 pm) come down to the courtyard and gossip about the day, the manner u got blasted by the jury today, work to do, laugh over the comments etc etc….after that go back to home or hostel…..at hostel/home get refreshed with tea or food..and start planning for the work to do next day….stay up all night (or at least till 2am ) working and voila it’s the next day….and u have to rush if you wannna attend the 9am class …
However on weekends…its slight change of plans……at 5 pm everyone is planning for the party at hostel….and there’s always some party happening at the hostel courtyard…so get drunk(or high depending upon your preference of the intoxication!!) and dance till you drop..and sometimes people did drop..on the floor and get up the next day morning!!…… So whole Saturday and Sunday first half is utilised for getting over the hangovers…and the last half of Sunday the cycle of the week starts again…!!
hostel courtyard..the place for hanging out partying!!

Other than that…there were trips….which were one of the most fun part of the times there….if I start writing about those…it will be a real long post….!!!
The hostel at SPA is very different from other college hostels…here there’s no segregation between boys and girl except that boys cannot enter the girls rooms (which was introduced pretty recently)..otherwise it’s a very open place where one can truly express oneself…no wardens who will hunt for couples coochie cooing in corners and corridors .. come to think of it, no one does coochi coo…everyone does it openely!!! Yeah that’s right..its very common to see couples hugging and cuddling each other at various parts of the hostel and nobody gives a second eye to them , it’s as normal as two students having a coffee together…the extent to which the students are free to express themselves here is incredible!!!
There have been innumerable moments and days when I long to go back to that life…….and I fondly remember the various moments I spent there…..
Whenever I pass the college and see students sitting in the courtyard…I become so nostalgic…wish there was some way I could relive those days!!!…..[photo courtesy: All photos by sreejith , my batchmate in Landscape Architecture]

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  1. nice article……made me nostalgic…….SPA life is unique-very hectic yet fun………Friday nite continental dinner was something i always looked forward to…and so did i look forward to the nite cricket matches….

  2. Nice post. Ok, I will say it too: what’s so surprising about that, College days are undoubtedly always the best… 🙂

    They really are, aren’t they. I remember being impatient of getting done with studies, but now wistfully think of the good old days, esp when I come across a post like this one!

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comments.

  3. True…one can go on and on. College life…hostel life at MB.. then hostel life in ITO as well.. studying till late, and taking breaks at the coffee shop at 3 in the morning… too good!!! Maybe you can write more, in further details in future posts.. for all of us.


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