I love Lodhi Garden, if there is something called Love!!
Those readers who have been coming here for a long time have read my love posts on this Garden from time to time(click here, here, here and here to read my previous posts on Lodhi Garden).
I go there on a regular basis for walk/jog and do my yoga..and it sure beats doing the same things in the gym!!
Recently, I took part in  Heritage Walk to know more about the historical significance of the various archaeological structures located all over the Garden and landscaped beautifully by renowned architect J.A. Stein.
Really enjoyed the whole experience and looking at one of my favorite place in a new perspective.
Sharing some images of the Heritage Walk here:

In the below pic, the lady in purple top is our walk guide, a pretty girl doing her Ph.D in history and she conducts walks as a hobby.

I also wrote a post about my Lodhi Garden Heritage Walk for a travel blog, you can read and see more pics of it here.

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  1. Really nice. Although in the end it's your choice, but when I started posting my photos on the net a few people encouraged me to post them without a watermark. True they might be taken without permission once in a while, but overall it looks much better. Just a thought. All the best and thanks as I'll try and catch the heritage walk tour soon. Cheers!

  2. How fascinating! My daughter is hoping to study history at university – she would have loved to talk with the guide in your photo. We are very ignorant of the whole sweep of Indian history in Britain, I have to confess.
    Your photos are beautiful, and I can see why you like to exercise here instead of in a gym.

  3. First time on your Blog, just loved the freshness of it.
    I live in Delhi and have been to most of the historical places more than once but Lodhi Garden is one place I always miss.
    Its on my list now and your lovely pics has just added to my hunger of it.

  4. The heritage walk is a really really cool idea. I always have such an enhanced appreciation for buildings, topography, scenery, sites, etc after learning their history and culture significance. I love the architecture in these shots!


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