I am in Hong Kong as I write this post, looking out of the 12th floor balcony towards the harbour. It has been 3 days in this Asia’s World City but right from day 1, I have felt welcome to Hong Kong!

Sharing my experiences of landing and navigating through Hong Kong on Day 1.

I chose to do a solo trip to Hong Kong for multiple reasons, the biggest factor was meeting and spending time with my close friends payal (who’s a guest writer of Hong Kong chapter series on this blog) and Siddharth. They moved out to Hong Kong around two years ago and totally love living & working here. They are my hosts in Hong Kong too. 

I landed in Hong Kong Airport on a weekend morning and found the process of immigration and checkout very smoothly handled by the customs/immigration department here. The airport arrival area has signs in english and is very user friendly. The immigration staff is very courteous and if your documents are in order, it hardly takes 10 minutes at the counter. However, sometimes, like on weekends, the queues are long due to more travelers.
Indian passport holders have provision of Visa on arrival. Moreover, if the stay is less than 15 days, visa is not required and a permit slip (with exit date) is given for the duration of stay. After I walked out of customs, as adviced by my friends, I opted to ride into the city by Airport Express Metro Line. I found it convenient and cheap way to travel into the city from airport. 
The metro station is right outside the airport arrival lounge so one can take the baggage trolley into the station platform. I took two way ticket (meaning it would be used to ride the metro from city to airport) and it cost me 160 HKD. 

At the last station, my friend picked me up and we took a taxi to her place. However, one can also easily take a taxi alone to the hotel/homestay. The drivers know little bit english and payment is always by meter.

Here is a short video of my Airport Express Line ride.

I am loving my stay in Hong Kong and will be posting my experiences shortly. Stay Tuned!! You can also check my instagram feed @myunfinishedlyf for latest updates as I experience Hong Kong every day.

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