Hollywood Road is Hong Kong’s oldest road and is the first one to be completed when the colony was founded by British.   Today, the Hollywood Road is the hub of arts and antique trade in Hong Kong and makes for an interesting visit, even if one is not really meaning to buy either. In fact, strolling on Hollywood Road and SOHO by myself was one of the best things I did during my Hong Kong Solo Trip.

The Hollywood Road was built was built by the Royal Engineers. As per Wikipedia –   “More than 100 years ago, Hollywood Road was rather close to the coastline. In those days, foreign merchants and sailors would put up the antiques and artefacts
they “collected” from China for sale here on their way back to Europe. This is how Hollywood Road began its role as an antique market.”

Hollywood Road, stretches from Sheung Wan in the west, through SOHO and northern fringes of Central in the east of the city. It is popularly called Antiques Street. It is pretty to reach Hollywood Road via Mid Level Escalators  and/or by walking from Central MTR station. The first thing I noticed as I walked along Hollywood Road was that it was much more wider than any of the SOHO area streets and there were lots of public arts & murals maybe to attract potential art buyers).

Ofcourse, there were lots of antiques shops here, ranging from elaborate high end showrooms to street stalls; every one was claiming to sell ‘authentic’ ming vases, jade items and what not! I neither had the money or inclination to indulge in any antique shopping so moved on.  I also noticed some interesting Chinese rituals – of offering fruits at sidewalks to deities.

Once in a while, I would stop and admire the juxtaposition of skyscrapers and nature (like a tree jutting out) and move on…I walked up until Man Mo Temple (as I was curious by the directions and wanted to visit it) and then headed back.

Hollywood Road makes for an interesting experience and if your idea is alow travel or Travel like a local, soaking in the sights & sounds of Hong Kong, then a walk around Hollywood Road is highly recommended. 

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