One of the highlights of my solo bike ride to Kutch region of Gujarat was the lovely time I spent relaxing at Hodko Zeel homestay at White Rann in Kutch region of Gujarat(India).  It was 100% authentic experience of rural tourism in Gujarat and I had a wonderful time in the mud huts, called Bhungas locally.

While riding into white ran area of the kutch region, I made a chance discovery of  Hodko Zeel homestay. Actually, I realized that I couldn’t cover white ran in a day and had to take rest there, so was looking around. The preparation of Rannotsav were underway as was visible due to movement of heavy trucks on the route to White Rann and on the way was the small village, Hodka. I took a left turn inside the village and found an amazing homestay, Hodko Zeel.

Hodko Zeel is run by a family having 8 bongas, all handmade, of mud and hand crafted inside. I got a deal for the stay for INR 1500 including all meals!! (Note: As per Lonely Planet, homestay in Bongas (local conical mud houses) were starting at Rs 2500, clearly LP hasn’t researched enough!!) 

The Homestay was clean & hygienic, the owners were friendly & helpful and the food was delicious. I loved the rustic décor of the mudhuts. The bathrooms were clean and clearly, inspite of being a mud hut, all modern amenties of the bathroom were provided for.

I got talking to the owners, who were very sweet folks and they told me that Indian Super star and veteran Actor Amitabh Bacchan had stayed & shot the advertisements of Gujarat tourism (White Rann segment) at this homestay only!! (they also had framed photographs as proof!!) The anonymity of this place was due to lack of awareness of publicity by the owners, they even didn’t have board on the main road to White Rann. I told the owners on publicizing the homestay on internet and they said that they were not well equipped to do so as internet is only available at the community centre. It was then I thought that I should do my bit and spread word out mouth about this lovely homestay.

Hodko Zeel homestay at White Rann was a real discovery on my kutch bike trip and if you plan to travel to White Rann, please stay at Hodko Zeel. The friendly owners, PremjiBhai, Meghabhai and Tejabhai, can be reached at these numbers for booking: –  Premibhai – 09429810379, Meghabhai – 09712590618, Tejabhai – 09409175589

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  1. Rs. 1500 with all meals that is fantastic. Thanks for sharing accommodation details. Will definately look at this accommodation again if I am visiting White Rann in Kutch, Gujarat. Thanks for writing.
    I want to know you drive RE bike?
    If yes, then I have to say – WoW.


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