Every trip has its everlasting memories, those special moments which play out in our heads over & over again long after we have come back from the  trip. Many years ago, I went on an amazing trek to Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh along with my friends and my moments at Hippo Falls are the everlasting awesome memories still playing in my head.

The Great Himalayan National Park is a natural treasure in the Himalayas, offering some of the best trekking routes. One day, in the mood for a mild walking trek, our trek guide took us to the Hippo Falls, called so because of the Hippopotamus shaped rock onto which the falls end.

We started out on a rather warm morning, with the sun exceptionally bright that day, admiring the dense forest all around us, the wonderful views,  but nonetheless getting very thirsty and tired as we progressed.

Our guide said “don’t worry, at Hippo Falls, you will drink the elixir of life!!”

Well, we reached Hippo Falls and the very sight of it soothed our tired selves. I sat down by the pool and dipped my feet; it was like a freezing electric shock, a nice thrilling feeling though, something I have never felt ever before!!

It was the ice cold water of the Himalayas, the guide told us. Soon, we were splashing the water on each other and drinking the water straight from the pool (yeah we just bent down and gulped it!!).

And then, we took the plunge!!! Splashed into the pool of the fall….it was addictive, the ice cold water against our skin like a thousand needles, but soothing us with its freshness and the hot sun on our heads making us dry. We spent hours in the pool swimming, splashing and floating.

Hippo Falls at Great Himalayan National Park ~ For me, it was the most alive moment of the trek and I felt awesome!


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