A breezy & sunny summer morning lazing around in a swing hammock, watching the beautiful dhauladhar ranges in the distance and the ever changing skyline, with the sun & clouds playing hide-n-seek; my mind went blank of all thought process – all the business meetings that were needed to be scheduled next week, the work deadlines that had to be met and the endless family errands that needed to be attended to. The sights & sounds of the natural water stream, the beautiful rustic Himachali style cottages, the pretty landscape – only all of these mattered in that moment. And I though to myself, I have to come back here for longer!!

I stayed at Himachal Heritage Village during my long weekend getaway at Palampur and it was filled with many such pretty moments. Sharing my experience of staying at Himachal Heritage Village, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

The Himachal Heritage Village is a cottage style Resort, with a vision to provide guests authentic village architecture and old living style of Himachal Pradesh in beautiful, relaxed and ecofriendly environment. There are 4 cottages at present, each built in a unique style, fashioned on the village architecture & traditional home building style of a specific region of Himachal Pradesh. The hosts and owners of the property – Mr. Gagan Sharma and Mr. Hem Dogra, took us around each cottage and explained tehir architecture style. They informed us that in the first phase, there are four cottages named –  UNA, Kangra, Barot and Khaniara. The property has been built over a period of 5 years (in fact 10 years, the first five year were spent on landscaping and the next 5 years on building the cottage) and this year is the first season of Himachal Heritage Village. So it’s a very new property in Palampur travel circuit.

About the Cottages

I got to stay at Kangra Cottage, which was the biggest cottage in the property and had three rooms (with attached bedrooms) and a living room. I opted for the room on ground floor, which had a quaint verandah and a hammock. The whole cottage has elements from from Kangra region, with interesting props, such as traditional chulha kitchen, ceiling etc. It was quite an experience staying in this cottage, along with two of my blogger friends who joined me next day. The cottage had murals and bright colors painted on doors, windows, murals in
typical Kangra style.

TheUna Cottage was a two story cottage made of compressed mud and our host told us that no cement had been used for building this cottage. This cottage had two rooms (with attached bathroom) with one room on each floor. Each room had an attached bathroom.

The Barot cottage was a quaint wooden cabin type cottage and had one room (with attached bathroom). I felt this cottage was perfect for couples, with a cozy fireplace inside.

The Khaniara cottage was completely made of ‘slate’ stones  stacked together in traditional style from the Khaniara region. The stacking is so perfectly tight together that no water or air can seep in.  This was also a one bedroom cottage, with attached bathroom.   

I instantly fell in love with the property as soon as I saw it (love at first sight as they say!!). The beautiful setting and the relaxed ambiance was just the perfect foil for my frazzled nerves after a rather tiring 16 hour journey (which saw two tyre bursts).   

The first evening we were extremely tired so had our dinner (post our sort sightseeing nearby to the Kangra Toy Train station at Panchrukhi) and slept.  The next day morning, I got up early and spent some beautiful moments on my verandah  and then  went around the property. As I walked around the property, I heard the loud sounds of crowing from the hens and instantly remembered the mornings at my Dad’s ancestoral village. After a while, I got back with other guests and the resident duck on the property came to greet us; she was quite a charmer and followed us everywhere during our stay at the property. There are two lovely Himalayan dogs, who stay at the property (owned by Mr Dogra and they have won many dog competitions).  We spent the second evening chatting over bonfire and it was a lovely time. We were served traditional dinner  – Kangra dham by the hosts (something which all guests have an option to try out during their stay at the property). The next morning, we all spent some lazy moments enjoying the sights and sound of the property before heading back to Delhi.

For a new property, I found most of the things in place with a few improvements which would make it even better. I definitely want to come back here for a longer time with my family. The Himachal Heritage Village is a labour of love for its owners and it shows in every aspect of the property and hospitality; it’s  a good option to consider for a traveller visiting Palampur. 

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