Lodhi garden…my healer, my friend and my advisor…surprised!!!… read on..

Lodhi Garden is a little green oasis in the heart of Delhi. It is situated between Khan Market and Safdarjang’s Tomb on Lodhi Road. It is not only a garden but also an important historic site..housing tombs and other structures from the Lodhi and Sayyed dynasties.

Originally Lodhi Garden was a village surrounding monuments surviving from the Lodhi and Sayyed dynasties, but the villagers were relocated in 1936 in order to create the garden. During the British times the garden went under the name of Lady Willingdon Park, which was reverted back to being Lodi garden after independence. In 1968, the gardens were spruced and relandscaped by JA Stein and Garrett Eckbo

The distinctiveness of the garden comes from the fact that it has varied hues within its realm….while walking one can see the landscaping change every feet … and also it has a multitude of flora and fauna…..not only does the scenery change with space…it changes with time too……diverse range of views can be seen during the different seasons..it’s just as if the garden wears a different garment studded with an array of jewels during the different seasons…..

one can see the clear sky with its changing colors during the morning and evenings…it’s simply a delight to see the sunrise or sunset here..and on full moon nights…well it’s breathtaking!!!!

It has a dedicated jogger’s track which is around 2.5 km. long… it is frequented by joggers in the mornings and evenings(that includes me!!)……

during afternoon, the garden is thronged by couples seeking solitude, one can see couples canoodling and acting really naughty in the corners and under the tree shade(I personally find it disgusting at times!!)…..during the weekends…families come here to spend some quality time …..one can see kids, young people and aged people together having a fun time!!!

notice a couple cosying up under the tree in the left end of the pic below!!!

it also has a glass house which has an array of flora which is tended well by the gardeners…

The garden is very safe from eve teasers, pickpockets and other anti-social elements..how can I say with so much confidence….well for one am a regular there so experienced it first hand!!…. and the other reason is that due to its prominent location , many MPs, MLAs, corporate honchos frequent this place and so the security here is very good….me as a single young girl have jogged in the lonely paths of the garden quite tension free as late as 8 p.m. in the evenings…

The garden is a photographer’s delight…one can spend the entire day photographing birds, monuments and the greenery all around…the garden is home to various species of birds and small animals like squirrels, lizards, gekkos and dogs(beware of the dogs here..they do bite at times!!)

this stretch(the pic below) from the gate of lodhi garden to the start of jogging track is unbelievable!!!…..the birds here chirp so loudly and numerously…that one feels as if one is the middle of jungle…though the main road can be easily seen…but one can’t hear any vehicle noises until one reaches the gate..courtesy the birds

The tomb of Mohammed Shah is the earliest structure in the gardens. The octagonal chamber characterize the architecture of the tomb, with stone chhajjas on the roof and flower vases on the corners.

In the middle of the gardens is the Bara Gumbad and Sheesh Gumbad. The Bara Gumbad (Big Dome) consists of a large dome, a three domed masjid (mosque) and a residence surrounding a central courtyard, where the remains of a water tank can be seen.

Opposite the Bara Gumbad is the Sheesh Gumbad, which contains the remains of some unknown family.

Another interesting construction here is the ‘Athpula’ Bridge. It was built by Nawab Bahadur in the 16th century, during Akbar’s reign. This is bridge is called Athpula (eight bridge), as it rests on eight piers, forming seven arches. Besides these tombs, one can also visit the National Bonsai Park developed here, which has a delightful collection of miniature versions of several trees and plants.

pic below shows view from above the Athpula bridge

Overall, it is a beautiful green oasis..a delight to visit whether you are a tourist, jogger or someone just looking for some peace, fun, greenery or soltitude in delhi….

No wonder, it has been named by Time magazine as the best urban oasis in Asia (refer Time Asia issue of November 22, 2004)

There have been many evenings that I have spent in the lodhi gardens…seen its various hues…in the summers when it is unbelievably hot!!..in the rains when the clouds are bursting overhead me and im running in the rains on the stone paths….in the winters when the birds are chirping brightly ..in the spring when there is explosion of flowers…the garden is filled with so many colors and scents..and in the autumns..when the trees are shedding their leaves and the central theme of the garden seems to be brown.. …..

i started going there to jog…but slowly the garden became a part of my life…..i saw the beauty and the pain in my life being reflected in the different scenes of the place…..at one point of my life..i was really in pain and hurt….the only thing I used to look forward to at that time was coming to this garden..this place offered me soltitude…during the monsoons…when there were barely any people visiting it…I found a strange connection to it…..once while walking through the Athpula bridge in heavy downpour…I suddenly noticed a fog rising..it was due to the heat being given off by the stone arches as cool raindrops fell on it…..and as I stood there with my pain..i suddenly realized that if I don’t let go of my pain like this stone is letting off the heat….i may not last long in this world…..this was the beginning of my healing…..gradually I was more observant to the cues which the garden seemed to convey to me….the things I saw ..the renewal of trees, the chirping of birds…and the change of seasons…..all of it healed me…and I came out of my bad period….and in my happier times…the garden continues to bring me joy with its beauty!!…me and the garden have bonded in a special way and this will remain through my life!!!!..i cannot thank it enough for healing me!!!….

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  1. you have done a good job capturing the garden!! It is a very mystical place- and for those who haven’t been there they wouldn’t understand- it is not like any other park or garden I’ve ever been to.

  2. I lived close by for few years.. the best memories are walking my dog there .. 🙂 lovely pictures .. feel like going there at once…
    heart-warming write-up too ..

  3. Hi,SS…lovely pics-I’ve seen this garden ages back,and almost forgot how lovely it is,till I saw these pics.

    And,what a nice analogy you drew up,of the stone and the raindrops falling on it,and how they helped you let go of your pain…I really feel that some of the simplest things in life,teach us the most complex of lessons,sometimes,in a very simple way.:)

  4. Hi Shooting Star I’m back after a short break… and still digesting a wonderful experience! But should have seen this some two weeks ago. You’ll notice why some 20 months from now (that’s how delayed in posting I am)… ;))
    Anyhow, «the best urban oasis in Asia»; I think I would agree…
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter
    Have a great weekend!

  5. THank you for popping by…I am in awe at this amazing garden where you go to seek solace…..

    these photos are beautiful and it looks like a very inspirational place….

    Have a wonderful day….


  6. What a beautiful garden! I would love to walk there! You have got a very nice blog!

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! If you ever travel to Norway pleace visit me, you are welcome! (don’t take any pot with you, you my end up in prison. It’s illegal in Norway!)

    In the mean time pay me a visit on my blog whenever you like 🙂

  7. WoW…some very beautifully captured shots there & lovely reading your words…I have also been their & there is something very charming in this garden….beautifully done post!

  8. So beautiful! Just looking at the pics was HEALING. I can only imagine how it wud be if Im really there WOW!

    Sush I cudnt see ur wedding pics…cudnt open that attachment for some reason 🙁


  9. Sweet post… specially the last bit!
    Was going through my blog comments to remind me that life’s been a bit crazy on my side; otherwise the poster would have been there in your room many months back!

  10. words are short to describe the ambience and feel created with the snaps and the writings.. not the one accompanying the vision but the last stanza jotted down in “italics”.. well.. ur a true connoisseur of expression…. u show ur prowess with words to get a peek into ur mind…
    to sum up…

    i wish i can have a tip of that to express myself sumday… keep the keyboard drumming..


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