“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.”

– Anonymous

Havelock Island is part of the Andaman & Nicobar archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean. The Andaman & Nicobar Island are part of India’s territory and have  played an important role in India’ freedom struggle. Today, the islands are known for their pristine beaches, forests & wildlife and popular with travelers looking to fall off the map from the usual destinations.
I traveled to the islands in 2010-2011 and loved every bit of it. I wrote  a detailed account of my Andamans journey some time back and it was a much loved travelogue. I got a number of queries from fellow travelers for Havelock Island & Neil Island, both of which have the prettiest beaches, so here I am writing(and reminiscing)  about my wonderful stay in Havelock Island ~ come join the fun!!
Travel to Havelock Island  – The main point of contact/travel to Havelock Island is from Port Blair(capital of Andaman & Nicobar). There are government run ferries and also private catamarans which ply to Havelock & Neil Island. Also, at the time I was there,  heard that sea plane services were due to start soon, but I am not sure if they have started already. The cheapest travel mode is, of course, the government run ferry, however, be forewarned it is a tiring ride. The ferry rides really are  most the unromantic mode of travel; after a while one gets bored of the ocean views and the only thing remains in the irritating humming sound of the engine. 
Anyways, we traveled by ferry and did enjoy the views for some time; me actually struck up conversation with the crew (they are a friendly lot) and it was good time pass!!
Staying & Enjoying at Havelock Island – The moment I landed up at the jetty on Havelock Island, I was overcome by a sense of peace. The tiring ferry journey forgotten in an instant, the clam blue jade waters of the sea and soft breeze were welcoming to the eye, body & soul. We had pre booked at one of Havelock’s many eco -resorts; it was  located on Beach #2.  It was one of the prettiest beach views i have had at any resorts i have traveled and stayed at till date!!
I got into my chilling out mode instantly….most of the times i would just lay on the hammock reading or gazing at the sea , other times collecting sea shells, talking to locals, gazing at the shell crabs walking about…it was just pure bliss!!
One of the best things i did while there was do yoga in the mornings…..man , yoga by the beach just frees your soul…well, it did mine, totally!!!
Morning Yoga by the Beach
Havelock has a total of 8 beaches, numbered beach #1 to #8, with beach #1 also being part of the jetty. There are resorts set up adjacent to most of the beaches and its very easy to pre book them from your city, I did mine from Delhi. One word of caution though, the government run resort (dolphin Resort) is hard to book as its frequented by Government officials, so spare yourself the trouble!!!
One of the prettiest beaches is the Elephant beach; it is said that an elephant(now very old) with its mahout on her back, used to swim to this beach every day. She still does it once in a while, so if you are lucky , you might be able to swim with her( I wasn’t so lucky). Elephant apart, this beach is straight out of picture postcard, so stunningly beautiful that your own eyes won’t believe the beauty is for real…it feels like a dream world and I did not want to close my eyes for a bit!!
We spent our days on Havelock Island beach bumming, beach hopping, snorkeling and having lots of local food. The local food(fresh fish, rice and curries) are the best thing to have on the island. 
One of the most famous beaches is the Radhanagar beach (or beach #7). Voted one of the top 10 beaches in Aisa, this beach certainly deserves all the credit it has got. Awesomely huge, pristine and with wonderful views, this beach is a delight!!
One of the things we loved doing was drive around the island in our hired scooty; it was fun and the island being totally safe, it becomes an adventurous activity to drive through dark forests, coastal roads and in the moonlight night with one’s partner(or alone or with friends!!!)
I like to call Havelock Island a little piece of bliss in the Indian Ocean and reminisce about the blissful times we spent there!! 
(indeed as one couple there asked us if we were also on our honeymoon, we replies yep, we are on our 3rd honeymoon!!)
Here are my 5 tips for Travel & Stay in Havelock Island: 
1. Travel to the Island by Catamaran or Sea Plane (Ferry is cheapest though!!)  
2. Stay at private Eco-Resorts
3. Eat Local (and ditch the resort food), it’s delicious!!
4. Hire a Scooty/Cycle and beach hop
5. Don’t miss out on snorkeling/scuba diving, it’s adventure of a lifetime!!

Wishing you guys experience Havelock Island soon – a little peice of bliss is what we all need once in a whole 🙂

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  1. Lovely pics Sushmita.I am going to Andaman this april.Your blog helped me to know inside of the both Neil and Havelock island.Now probably i can plan better for places to visit in short span of time.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like you decided to bring the Year 2012 to close with a fabulous holiday. Havelock Island is one of the most spectacular islands on earth. From the pics looks like great fun there.
    Wishing you yet another fun filled adventurous year for 2013 full of travels & vacations at exotic places.

  3. Hi Star! Hope you are having a great season! Sorry for the absence, but 2012 was definitely a difficult year here in Portugal, and even worse for me…
    Wish you a very Happy 2013, and enjoy Grenada in Blogtrotter Two!

  4. amazing place… i've been here too… radhanagar beach is the most beautiful i've seen, the water is crystal clear…. and the food at the local shacks is indeed delicious!


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