On a weekend morning, I went on a cycling tour with my girl friends alongwith Delhi By Cycle. I am glad that I visited this part of Delhi on a cycle tour. Old Delhi is a maze of narrow lanes, dirt & dust and overwhelming crowds (of people, bullock carts, richshaws, cows and what not!!) and it was overwhelming for me, even after living in Delhi all my life. Sharing images and experience of Haveli Tour here:

The Haveli tour is apparently the most difficult tour route, with three types of lanes – narrow, very narrow and very very narrow. Having done the Raj Tour with Delhi by Cycle, I did have an idea about some narrow lanes in Old Delhi, but at times, it was really difficult to cycle. The Delhi by Cycle guides’ direction was what kept me going. Also I was a disgusted by the garbage I encountered lying on the lanes. But it was fascinating to see the old havelis in between.

 We cycled through Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk and Sadar Bazar (where we took a chai break).

 We then again literallt fought our way out of Sadar Bazar (see pic below), entered Ballimaran, where we took an interesting cut through Khirki Vali Gali (which is like really small, like a window).

We had breakfast at an old haveli, which is still a functional home with a family living in it. It was the best part of the tour. The haveli decor was pretty and had an old world feel.

 Here’s our girl gang at end of tour.

Personally, I liked my experience with Delhi by Cycle and more so because I was with my girlfriends but Haveli Tour isn’t for me. I mean if you don’t mind the dirt, narrow lanes and garbage, then its more enjoyable. I definitely would go on other routes with Delhi by Cycle – like Yamuna Tour, Nizamuddin Tour etc, but Haveli Tour was an one off for me.

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