Haridwar , in the state of Uttarakhand, India happens to be one of the holiest places for Hindus all over the world. 
It also has become my home, after marriage. We come to Haridwar often and each time its a new experience. 
This summer, we chose to escape the heat of Delhi city and enjoy the divinity of Haridwar. It’s been a mixture of a lot of experiences, feeling and introspections being in this divine city.
For one, it feels funny to see the huge number of crowds in early morning hours at Har Ki Pauri.  Har ki Pauri is the most famous and sacred ghat in Haridwar and we visited it one day early morning(6:30 am to be precise) hoping to escape the crowds. Boy, were we wrong!!

 The ghat was packed, with people busy doing their thing – offering flowers to the holy Ganga river, praying and taking a holy dip.

On a clear morning, one can view the Mansa devi temple at a hilltop nearby the Har Ki Pauri ghat.
The flower offerings were  beautiful to look at and I also offered my salutations to the holy Ganga.

Eating out options are many at Haridwar, particularly at Har ki Pauri. Here are some spicy, tasty(but not necessarily healthy :P) options.
Walking along the streets of old Haridwar, it felt nice to see that not much has changed in the old town…the same street side vendors, monks, ashrams and shops. Sometimes, its nice to see things not changing!!

We wanted to escape the crowds and still have a nice time. Father-in-law suggested Kankhal, a small colony, which is one of the ‘panch teerths’ (five pilgrimigages) within Haridwar.
It is considered the birth place of Sati (consort of Lord Shiv) and her father Daksh’s palace. It is considered a very holy place and has a lot of temples and ashrams.
We went there in the evening and found it to be much less crowded, in fact very less people and the ghats there literally empty. 

It was entertaining to see kids frolicking in the water and a stray dog cooling itself!!

Being in Haridwar is always an interesting experience and Im sure every time that I come here, there will be some interesting thing to do 🙂

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  8. this was certainly an informative tour you've shown us,
    interesting to know about its history and especially its structure which i always find fascinating.

    as for the food, the plethora of spices and sweets just looks scrumptious.

  9. I'm afraid I would be one taking a "holy dip".
    Looks hot even out of the big city.
    Your country has much concentrated history, structures, and beauty.
    One day, one day . . . . .

  10. i went to haridwar and rishikesh recently. they're both very peaceful places!
    welcome us as ur new followers! 🙂
    do visit us too, and follow back if you like what u see 🙂
    the blog is a virtual surprise for my best friends birthday! would be glad if u could drop by your wishes 🙂


  11. Beautiful photographs – a great photo essay!
    I've never been there, it looks fascinating and full of life.
    Thank you for you visit to Hemingway's Paris.

  12. It's amazing to see so many people up so early in the morning and giving offerings and praying, excellent shots. I love the streets of old Haridwar, old buildings have so much character.

    Thank you for sharing your world, it's so interesting to view the world though others lenses.


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