Hello!!!  So, how has been the first week of 2015?? For me, it started off with a bang (more like a travelling bang)!!

I took a morning flight to Goa and landed at Dabolim Airport at lunch time. But before you say wow!! (or that I am lucky), hear the whole story…..so I had work travel on a road project which meant travelling all over Karnataka for next  9 days,  kick starting on 1st January 2015 (Yeah, I know that wow factor must have vanished fast!!).  But I won’t complain, coz my job takes me places which other people rarely get to see….Anyways, so coming back to Goa, I travelled from Dabolim in Goa to Belgaum in Karnataka on 1st January.  The first half of the day, I was on a flight, which  uneventful,  except some great scenery of the sky (great for me, as I hate taking  flights generally). the second half I spent on the road; it was a beautiful road – National Highway 4A. It took us 4 hours to reach Belgaum by NH4A, but the ride was smooth and the scenery was charming.

Here are some images of my Goa to Belgaum (Karnataka) road trip.
A stunning moment while on the flight!!

Dabolim Airport, Goa ~ I have never been to Goa and did not imagine, the first time I will visit it will be blink & miss appearance on a work trip.

 A memorial to workers at the Shipyard, spotting while travelling from Dabolim towards NH4A.

 Blissful road  from Goa to Dabolim

This was the easiest of my road travels on the project,  as I then travelled into the rural heartland of North Karnataka and in the next few blog posts, you will see some really interesting  things…so keep an eye out here!!

Wish all of you a meaningful year 2015, please stay safe and make it a better world to live in!! Remember every  life is precious!!!

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  1. It is always great to hear about your travel adventures. You are really fortunate that you get to visit and discover places that are really spectacular. Being a fan to Road trips it was really good to hear about yours…hoping to visit such places!..Keep sharing pics!

  2. A wonderful meaningful new year to you too! Hey I love reading about your work trips and looking forward to your coming posts.. Despite that it's work, you get to see different places and especially the roads:) Cheers!


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