Okay, this is  NOT today’s Look…in fact, this is me 3 years ago… very much on the heavier side so I am not shying away from calling myself fat!!!

I love argyle sweaters in winter and this sweater is a favorite of mine, but I never posted this on my blog..until I saw this pic of mine while deleting old pics. 
A lovely winter day at the Delhi Zoo, spending time with the husband among some interesting animals, totally relaxing!!
Argyle Sweater: Reekbok
Jeans: Levi’s
Shows: Lee Cooper
Bag: Darjeeling
Shades: Polaroid
This year, looking forward to buying some more argyles in interesting colors…whats your favored style in winters??

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  2. well, i simply love to remain in my blanket at home during those bone chilling winters….i wish, i could do that…!!

    BTW you don't look that fat into this pic…yaa, seriously speaking…:)


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