As a traveller and travelling couple for many years, we encountered a ‘major travel life moment’ after having our baby four years back. Happy as we were being parents, we wanted to experience the happiness and joy of travel & experiencing India with our baby. So we dived headlong into the adventure in the best possible way we thought it can be done – Taking Family Road Trips with our infant who’s now an experienced road tripper toddler of 4.5 years. As we shared our travel stories, we got many curious and incredulous reactions & queries. We realised that what we were doing was something people thought of, but didn’t try out due to many reasons, some of them genuine and some of them only mere mind blocks. As I answered many queries separately over the years to various friends & colleagues and also in various travel forums as an Indian Travel Blogger, I realised I needed to write a comprehensive guide covering all the Essential Tips, Hacks & Frequently asked Questions for Driving Holidays in India with kids & family’. Here is my guide to taking family road Trips in India in Question & Answer Format:

Question: Why to take road trips with infants or kids as a travel option ?

Answer : Why not! In my opinion, road trips are the best way to travel in India with infants, toddlers & kids. One has the freedom of choosing the destination, the mode of transport, the pace of travel and also number of halts. When we travelled for the first time post-baby, taking a road trip to Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh, India when our baby was just 3 months old, I was still nursing and the baby required to be breast-fed every one hour. Now can you imagine me able to do that with comfort while travelling and privacy in a train, bus or flight (even on a first class seat for that matter). Having our own car and driving at our own pace, we could easily take many stops, feed the baby and feed ourselves too. As the baby grows older and requires to be fed other kinds of food and toilet breaks, the amount of luggage required to be carried on a trip becomes double than on a regular trip (without a kid I mean!). Which in turn becomes a burden if one is travelling via flight, train or even bus. On a self-driving road trip, however, one just needs to load it in the car and drive!! I would say taking self-driving road trips is the best way to travel for a family having kids!

Question : What are the good roads or routes and destinations to take for self-driving road trips with family in India ?

Answer : The roads condition all through India is very diverse. However, the roads infrastructure in India has gone a major change over the last decade (and I can say that with much confidence as an Infrastructure specialist who’s been working in the road sector for 15 years now!) and many states of India have good road connectivity. Being based out of Delhi, I have mostly taken road trips to Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand  – all three states have good road condition and driving is mostly a pleasant affair overall.

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Nothing behind me, Everything ahead of me, As is ever so on the road ~ Jack Kerouac . . I cannot express my love or want for road tripping any better than the quote by Jack Kerouac; I am the happiest & most carefree while on the road. As you can obviously also make out from the image, nothing else matters then – not my hair, how I look or dress or even how I am posing. I would say this is one of my happiest shots – Just me, my car and the wide open roads! What is your happy & carefree thing ? ———————————– #travel #journey #inspirioindia #roadtravel #roadtrip #roadtrippers #outdoorwomen #adventureladies #womenwhotravel #girlslovetravel #discovertravel #travelismyhappyplace #awesometravel #doyoutravel #girlsmeetglobe #dametraveler #lifeoftravel #traveladdict #roadtripadventures #roadtripaddict #globetrotter #drivingholidays #drivingholidaysinindia #lovetotravel #indiantravelblogger #indiaroadtrip #lifeoftraveler #neverstopexploring #exploretheglobe #darlingescapes

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Question : What is a safe distance/driving time on a road trip, along with kids ?

Answer : I would say, foremost, driving at night on a road trip should be highly avoided (with kids or no kids!). What we found out by experience is that around 3-4 hours of driving time at a stretch is doable with a kid, therefore choose destinations or halts/pit-stops which are around 3-4 hours of driving time. Its always a good idea to start an early morning drive and reach a destination by mid-noon or early evening – it avoids traffic in lot of cases and is easy on the body (for the adults and kids alike).

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Question : What to feed the kid on a road trip ? (I got this asked many times like this – What do you feed the kid while travelling, taking road trips ?)

Answer : Whatever the kid eats most easily! If you’re a fussy parent who’s constantly worried about kids eating and health, then this is a hard task to do. But from our experience, we learned that kids are easiest to handle on a trip when they are fed what they like – even if its their favourite junk food. What we try to complement in terms of food & nutrition on travel is to feed the baby one healthy item that it feeds on easily (in our kid’s case milk). There are many packed food options available and I can tell you the different things we feed our own kid while travelling, but really, you have to figure out your own way & tricks to do that. The trick I can give you is that ‘free your mind’ on this issue.

Question : Are there urinals and clean toilets available in India on the roads ?

Answer : If its for the kid, suggest to carry a travelling pot! Its easy and frees the mind from the constant search for toilets and worry about their cleanliness. Also carry loads of baby wipes. In India, the men are quite free to pee in the open (yes!!) unless they are being  a public nuisance. So that leaves only the woman in the family to search for a toilet – which is actually not very difficult! I can say for the 3 states I have travelled to extensively in India on leisure trip and also through most of India on my work trips – toilets are much easier to find by the roadside than around a decade back!

Question : What are the medicines to carry on a road trip in India ?

Answer : I would suggest to carry as many as you think are necessary! Especially medication for the kid. Please don’t leave it to buy on the road!

Question : How many days of Road Trip/Driving Holidays are recommended with a kid ?

Answer: There are no rules as such!! The only thing to pay attention while making up an itinerary for driving holidays with kids is that 1 day of settling  down would be required by the kid post a drive, therefore, any destination you choose, please add a day into it for the kid to familiarise physically. When we did our 8 day winter family road trip through shekhawati region through Rajasthan with the toddler, we dropped 2 destinations (which we could have easily covered without a kid) and instead chose to spend 2 days extra at each of the 2 major destinations so that the kid settle down. Otherwise, the kid gets cranky and bowel movements are irregular.

Question : The kid has nausea and starts vomiting on a long drive ? How to tackle it ?

Answer : I thought that only our kid has this problem. However, I got many queries on this problem. So, there is no cure for it! A lot of kids are prone to nausea while on a long drive and the only way to handle is make them sleep most of the drive. Also keep lot of napkins handy in case they start vomiting (we don’t want the car to smell of vomit on a driving holiday!!). Again, as in case of food, its our mind which needs to be freed!! The kids forget about vomiting the moment they reach the destination, so worrying about it is futile. Also, the condition improves as the kids grow older and/or take frequent number of road trips.

Question : What are the essential items/things to carry on a road trip with kids in India ?

Answer : Lot of Patience!! Other than that, these are the things we found to be most useful – an Electric Kettle, Ready to Eat Meals, Travelling Toddler Pot, Baby Wipes, Medicines, Liquid Soap, Liquid clotheswashing/dishwashing soap/ & Extra Change of clothes for the kids (as they love to explore and dirty themselves while discovering the country and its beauty!!).

So now that I have shared my Travel Gyan on taking Road Trips with Kids in India, are you ready to go off on a road trip with the kids??

Please feel free to ask any queries you have on road trips in India in the comments section, I will surely try to answer them to the best of my ability.

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