Nothing behind me,
Everything ahead of me,
As is ever so on the Road
Jack Kerouac ~

We as a family love to go on road trips. However, when my husband proposed an 8 day family road trip this winter through shekhawati region of Rajasthan (India), even the travel addict me thought the idea was crazy. Not because of the landscape or the number of days, but because of our 20 month toddler. I seriously did not think the toddler could do it. However, with meticulous planning and lots of research, this winter we went on our most extensive family road trip after having the baby, covering parts of Shekhawati region, Ajmer and Jaipur in Rajasthan. It was one of the most exciting trips we took and the rugged charm & rich heritage of Shekhawati region left us wanting for more.

We planned our trip based on comfortable properties and amenities, since with a toddler; we could definitely not compromise on these two.  Moreover, we charted the route of our road trip in such a way so as not to be far away from Jaipur –the capital city of Rajasthan (in case of any medical emergencies, just in case our toddler  requires).The route we travelled was as follows:- Delhi-Bagar-Nawalgarh-Ajmer-Jaipur-Delhi

We stayed for 2 days in Bagar, which falls in Shekhawati region but a bit away from the main towns famous for the renowned havelis & frescos. However, Bagar has an excellent heritage property – The Piramal Haveli, by NeemranaHotels, where we had the most comfortable stay. We visited Jhunjhunu from here, which has some not so well preserved havelis and Rani Sati Temple. 

We stayed one day in Nawalgarh, which has some of the best preserved havelis in Shekhawati region. It was an incredible experience visiting the havelis, walking around town which looked like an assortment of run down havelis at first, but exquisitely painted frescos at every turn, when one noticed in detail! The stayed at Roop Niwas Kothi in Nawalgarh, which was another excellent property (having a stable of famed Marwari horses too). Nawalgarh definitely requires a separate post!

Driving through the state roads in shekhawati region was such an amazing experience. The shekhawati region has a rugged and rustic charm, with wild bushes, sparse growth of desert trees and clear blue skies. It is neither a desert nor an oasis. The state roads of Rajasthan are maintained well in this region so our drives were smooth and our toddler was comfortable throughout the journey.

We then travelled on to Ajmer and stayed here for one day. We have been coming to Ajmer many times for pilgrimage to Dargah Ajmer Sharif.  It’s a very personal spiritual experience and this time visiting with our baby was extra special

We then travelled on to Jaipur where we bid goodbye to 2015 and ushered in 2016. Since we have been to Jaipur many times before (read here, here and here), this time around we just shopped a bit and only visited Amer Fort.

We had a lovely vacation road tripping and would definitely come back to shekhawati region sometime soon to explore more.

P.S. I would specifically like to thank Sudha G (of blog ) for her detailed articles of her visit in Shekhawati region. They helped us immensely to determine the locations and towns for our stay).

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