Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. 

Style is forever. ~ Ralph Lauren
It’s quite interesting to get feedback on the blog from readers/co-bloggers. I never realized that I do have people ( I mean non fashion bloggers) reading my ‘fashion’ posts until I was asked on the same. Couple of months ago, on a conversation with the fabulous food blogger Ruchira Hoon, she commented that I don’t write fashion related posts anymore. Then couple of weeks back, when I met one of ym favorite travel bloggers Sudhaa G in Delhi, she happened to ask me the same question. It was nice to know that people do notice. The reason I am not writing more on my outfits or fashion has a lot to do with my changed sense of dressing post delivery and motherhood. I no longer wear most of the popular fashion brands in the market (therefore no more brand-blogger collaborations), wear comfortable fabrics and since the standard ‘size’ chart doesn’t work for me any longer, I get lot of my clothes tailor/custom made. In the process of this unintended evolution of my style sense, I have discovered some delightful Indie brands, handloom & fabric manufacturers. Sharing here my evolution of style in the last couple of years in this post.

My style evolution journey started during the time I became visibly pregnant. Due to a difficult pregnancy, my skin developed itching condition and much other pregnancy related symptoms (let’s say almost every symptom) and the only fabrics I could wear were natural cottons/linens/pure woolens. Also a growing belly (someone rightly described it as kangaroo pouch) meant I had to be savvy with my choice of outfits. I bought a couple of maternity pants which were a boon throughout and are still in use!! (check out my detailed maternity fashion
post here).

Since the last year, I have started wearing sarees as much as I can, to office, to get-togethers and basically everywhere I could. It was not a new found love for sarees, but rather wearing the sarees I have collected lovingly for so many years for the #100sareepact (read here on some of the sarees I have draped); Thanks to this very popular pact, I realized saree draping is actually easy and got over the mental block of draping sarees (I still have my daughter’s nanny drape me sarees when I’m in hurry, but I can manage pretty well on my own too).

Wearing Taant saree for a lunch.

Wearing Silk Saree matched with a crop top (as a blouse) from The QuirkBox (I love their quirky prints).

Since I haven’t managed to reduce any weight (or get fit as much as I want to), I have taken to wearing Shift Dresses and Pencil/Wrap Skirts big time. Plus I started wearing lot of quirky/interesting prints. One of my favorite brands for couple of years has been ‘Howrah Bridge’, by my friend Anupriya DG; the fabric quality is great, the prints are interesting and she does customizations (not only for me for all clients). I have also discovered that Malkha fabrics are a delight for the Indian weather and have got myself couple ofkurtis/tops made in this fabric. I have lot of clothes from ‘Anokhi’ as their prints are beautiful, fabric quality exceptional and the size chart is completely tuned to the fuller Indian bodies, so I easily get clothes with fit my ‘shape’.

Malkha fabric top on a meet with
Sudhaa G. 
I quite liked this wrap skirt (below)from The Small Town, their fabric quality is amazing!

This flintstone print shift dress from The Jodi Life was something I fell in love instantly; though the fabric quality could have been better for the price they charged but the print I absolutely love.

I have also started wearing a lot of jewelry by Indie designers and small brands, for the same reason of exclusivity. I absolutely love this brand ‘RuHH’ and am totally in love with their new collection amatraa, it’s lightweight and very chic. Wearing a necklace from RuHH’s amatraa collection.

As the Indian fashion market gets more & more interesting with new designers launching their  brands (and some of them are very talented), my style evolution journey looks to get more interesting too….so keep a watch out at this space!

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