Durga Puja – the worship of the Divine Mother Durga , is one of the most important religious and cultural event for eastern India, especially for Bengalis .

It is the “Christmas Holiday Season” counterpart for Bengalis all over the world; for 5 days we worship, bond with family & friends, celebrate, eat, dress ad show off (what’s Durga Puja without show off!!).

The Festival is biggest in the state of West Bengal, which is the native place of Bengalis…however as a result of migration and assimilation, in the present times, Durga Puja is celebrated all over India and theWorld, wherever there is significant Bengali presence.
And since im not an authority on the matters related to Durga Puja(the mythology, the rituals, the significance), i would encourage you all to visit this blog – Durgapuja.org
This Durga Puja season has been a bit different, but neverthless quite interesting for me… I spent the first two days of Pujo in rural Orissa for site work (for a highways project, have done a post on it, you can read about it here), an eastern state which also celebrates Durga Puja on a big scale; it was very interesting experience for me to see Puja beling celebrated in the small towns/villages in the purest form, sans any frills of the big city!!…. Then, I flew back to Delhi to be with family and spent the rest three days amidst cheer, prayers, dressing up and eating out!!!……it was fun and spiritually blended to it is best!!! So without much ado, Here’s what i wore during the pujas:

Ashtami Morning – wore kurti and salwar set boughts from soma, accessorized with some interesting jewelery from etsy.


Ashtami evening – tunic from rattan textiles(a new find!!!) worn with leggings and accessorized simply with an owl pendant necklace from etsy.

Navami Morning- Ed hardy tee shirt!!!, i was totally so very excited when i bought my first ed hardy last month and so kept it for the pujas, wore it with white jeans and just a matching big man watch!!….(an ed hardy doesn’t need anything else to go with it!!)

Navami evening – Cotton Maheshwari sari, from fabindia, worn with some interesting accessories such as the pendant and earrings from fab india, bangle from globus and cutesy purse bag from fabindia; also wore a yellow rose on my hair(not in the pics)
This puja, i visited lot more pandals and offered my pronams (salutations) than the last 3 years combined. Here’s some images of my Durga Puja moments!!!

Shubho Bijoya to you all and May the goddess Durga bless us with health , happiness and prosperity!!

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