There are times when I just want to go back to my childhood, be a kid again and do all those nonsensical things (like spending endless hours daydreaming, reading my favorite comics and novels, riding the crazy rides in the fairs and most of all just being me!!) that as adults we are not suppose to do.
One of the best experiences in my Hong Kong trip was a day trip to Disneyland Hong Kong . It was one day, after many many years, that I spent without  care in the world with my best friend. Sharing here my experience of my Disneyland Hong Kong Trip.

Most of the tour packages (especially family tour packages) include one day (or overnight) tour of Disneyland Hong Kong. However, since I planned my own trip to Hong Kong, I had to also buy tickets separately and travel to Disneyland Hong Kong. This is actually very easy, there is a special connecting line from MTR station which goes to the Disneyland HK Resort (Take the Tung Chung Line from Hong Kong Station and get off at Sunny Bay, from here the special Disney Train will take you the magical land of Disneyland!!). One can buy tickets inside the metro station itself for the Resort here (this saves time standing in the queue at the Resort) and we did just that. The tickets for Non-Residents/Tourists is 539 HKD. The magical  fun begins as soon we board the Disneyland Metro Train, which has Mickey Mouse Motifs, special seating and announcements in Disney fashion.
I completely loved the landscaping of the Disneyland Resort, it is like being inside a Disney Animation, but even better, as it’s all in real. We went to a lot of rides, most of them were mild as my friends told me that the people here prefer milder rides.  The most thrilling rides we took was the Grizzly Gulch and the best part about it was when the ride stopped on a steep incline, took a back turn and sped back all the way reverse!! I can go on and on about each ride, but that will make it into a long post. Instead, sharing some images of a wonderful magical day at Disneyland Hong Kong.

The Resort is divided into 5 sections, based on the characters of Disney and one day is not enough for getting on all the rides. There are 2 hotels inside the Resort and my recommendation would be to stay overnight here for a wholesome enjoyable time. 

A big thumbs up to Disneyland Hong Kong for bringing back my childhood fantasies (and being able to a a kid again) come true for a day!!

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