One of my first sightseeing trips in Hong Kong was to Discovery Bay. My friends (who are hong kong residents) suggested we go there for lunch & stroll on the weekend, which was also the first day I had landed in the city.
I quite liked the laidback lifestyle of Discovery Bay and the small but pretty Discovery Bay Beach.

Discovery Bay is kind of a suburb in Lantau Island of Hong Kong and expats who want to live in bigger houses & give their kids a relaxed environment choose to live here. From the main Hong Kong Island, one can take ferry from Central Pier 3 to Discovery Bay. 

It was around 1:40 pm when we landed at Discovery Bay and all of us were famished. So we first had our lunch at one of the 13 designated restaurants at the Bay. The added advantage of dining at these restaurants (apart from the good food and great views of wat
erfront) is that one gets free ride back to the main island  on showing the bill (please remember to get the total number of people dined marked on the bill)
After our lunch, we strolled down to the Discovery Bay Beach and spent time chatting & observing people around us. There were quite a few interesting things going on at the beach, such as a beach wedding, beach volleyball and kids making sand castles. 


We had a fun time at the beach getting our feet wet in the waves. I think we must have spent around 4 hours at Discovery Bay and it was a totally relaxing afternoon for all of us. 
Recommend Discovery Bay and beach for a laidback time and good food when in Hong Kong.

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