Devprayag is Uttarakhand, India is considered one of the most holiest places of Hindu faith, as it is the confluence (or prayag in Hindi) where  the most sacred & revered River of Hinduism, Ganga  is born. Large number of pilgrims & trekkers visit Devprayag every year, for different reasons.  Devprayag is one of the key stops in the famous & popular Valley of Flowers trek and is also one of the key Prayags of the Hindu Panch Prayag pilgrimage.

However, Devprayag makes for a great day trip  from Haridwar or Rishikesh, if happening to be holidaying at either of these places.  We did just that one summer while we were at our second home in Haridwar. It was a lovely day spent at Devprayag.

The road from Haridwar/Rishikesh is wide, well maintained and dotted with street food joints. Devprayag is roughly around 69 km north east of Rishikesh and taxis do a day trip happily to this place. 
I haven’t seen the other Prayags (confluences) which lie above Devprayag, but this one is said to be the most spectacular. Indeed, when I spotted it from the main road, I was  amazed by the power & beauty of two untamed rivers meeting. At Devprayag, Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Rivers merge to give birth to Ganga River.

The two rivers merging have distinct colors (muddy grey and green) and it can be seen clearly as one climbs down the rocky V shaped  meeting point.

I sat down by Devprayag, watching pilgrims taking dip, some crying out of happiness and some like me just observing. Something told me, I am going to come back here.

Will I?? Like any other traveloholic, I leave it on time to decide..

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  1. Isn't it wonderful to discover a spot and know "I am going to have to come back here?" Your photos are lovely, and I think I understand why.

    Thanks for visiting the Marmelade Gypsy — I really appreciated your comments!


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