After chronicling two solo bike road trips (read here and here) , The Solo Rider now travels from Delhi to Rishikesh in Uttarakhand (India) on a solo Bike Trip on his trusted Royal Enfield .

As before, there are no pre-booked hotels, only a tentative route researched and some tips from various online & offline sources. Read the adventurous solo bike road trip by ‘The Solo Rider’ from Delhi to Rishikesh.

Delhi to Rishikesh is one of the most frequented routes taken by both bike riders and car owners for weekend getaways from Delhi. I was looking for a quick solo bike ride around Delhi, due to lack of time for a longer road trip. So naturally,  Rishikesh became the next destination to be explored. I have been earlier there twice (but not on a bike/motorcycle). The sound of Ganga had always mesmerized me. But thundering my way to Rishikesh on a bike has been in my mind for long. I had come to Delhi in January on a soulful get together with school buddies after a long gap 15 years. I  just had 5 days on my hand for a quick bike road trip before my buddies arrived for the get together, so I geared up and took my trusted Royal Enfield bike  to head for Rishikesh from Delhi.

The drive from Delhi to Rishikesh was smooth, as the road is in good condition for the most part and passes through plain area till Haridwar.  Just two pit stops for lunch and a refreshing evening tea, I reached Rishikesh town for divinity and yoga. Following my earlier habits (of looking for hotels after I arrive at the destination), I started to search for a place to stay and got a room behind Gita Bhawan Ashram. The serene ghats of Ganga were just a few steps away. The night lit ghats of Rishikesh are a treat to the soul. I took a quick shower and headed for the banks. Spend an hour there taking in me the serenity of the quietness.

I headed to an old classmate’s home in Rishikesh for dinner that night. She treated me or else I can aptly say fed me like a malnourished infant from Africa. Maybe that was her revenge on me that I had promised to come to Rishikesh for last 5 years. Filled to the end of my throat with her 6 course meal, I headed back to my shack for a night sleep.

Early in morning, as decided last night, I got up for a dip in the Ganga. The water was too cold to be described but the determined self overtook my fears and a fresh feeling of cold bath in January in the Ganga ran over my body. Then a short meditation on the steps gave a rejuvenated feeling. I had come for some answers and I had found the answers. The whole day was spent aimlessly roaming in the by lanes of Rishikesh and the evening watching the aarti at Gita Bhawan ghats.

Next day I rode upto Devprayag (it is around an hour drive from Rishikesh). It was cloudy from the morning, still I started. The whole route was mesmerizing as the road meandered through lush forest and deep gorge of Ganga. It drizzled through the whole ride to Devprayag. After three hours through the drizzle, I reached the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda. The view from the road was just amazing. After spending an hour there, I headed back to Rishikesh and decided to ride ride back to Delhi the next morning. The night was spend roaming in the markets where divinity was being sold in various forms. Next morning I packed and started for my journey back to Delhi to meet my friends who had started to arrive.

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  1. Hey thats a good read. I’ve myself done a couple of bike trip to Rishikesh and beyond. Pictures are amazing. Looks like you are a morning person, all pictures looks soo neat.

  2. it’s super expierence you shared with us, and i am plan to go with thunder bird350 by solo
    thanks fornsharing


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